Elizabeth II as a pop culture icon

Her longevity and permanence have made her a true icon of modern pop culture, whose instantly recognizable image has been used throughout her 70-year reign. The death of Elizabeth II at the age of 96 caused an unprecedented wave of emotions both in her country, in the Commonwealth states, and around the world. Everyone, from ordinary citizens to leaders of many countries, expresses deep sorrow over the death of the British monarch. Over the long years of her presence in public life, the queen has become not only one of the most recognizable images in art, but – for a certain circle – and a trendsetter for clothes and accessories.

queen live

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – June 2, 1953 – was the world’s first live television broadcast. The ceremony, which for centuries remained accessible only to the elite, close to the court of the subjects of the British crown, has become available to the eyes of millions around the world. Over 250 million people were able to watch the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London.

God save the queen

The cover of the Sex Pistols’ 1977 single “God Save The Queen”, in which the Queen’s face, eyes and mouth are obscured by the band’s name, is one of the most famous images of the punk movement… and of Elizabeth II.

Provocative artist Jamie Reid, who designed the cover of the Pistols album, also created a version depicting the monarch with a pin on his lip and a swastika instead of pupils.

In 1985 the English band The Smiths released their third album entitled The Queen is Dead. The composition of the same name, the first track on the album, has become widespread in social networks in the last 20 years: as the rumors about the death of the queen sounded more and more often.

Many other songs have been written about Queen Elizabeth II, including “Elizabeth My Dear” (1989) by alternative rock band The Stone Roses. In the composition, the authors state that “will not rest until she leaves her throne”.

In 2005, the British electronic music group Basement Jaxx in the video “You do not know me” portrayed in the style of fake reality a spree queen who runs away from bodyguards to roam around London at night: there was a brawl with the police and a trip to a strip club .


During her long reign, the Queen posed for more than 175 portraits. Artists such as Cecil Beaton, Lucian Freud and Annie Leibovitz depicted her in royal attire, at work or with her family.

But perhaps the most famous was a portrait painted in 1985 by the founding father of pop art, Andy Warhol, as part of a series dedicated to the queens regnant of the time.

The American artist used the official photograph of the Queen and processed it in his own way, as he once did with the photograph of Marilyn Monroe.

And here is another area of ​​replicating the image of the queen: not quite a portrait, and not even art. Queen Elizabeth II has a Playmobil figure dedicated to her, an honor that few leaders have received.

Cartoon queen and buffoonery on the screen

Well recognizable by her bright outfits, Elizabeth II has become a character in many cartoons, TV series and television programs.

Her Majesty has made several appearances on the American TV series The Simpsons, including an episode where the main character, Homer, crashes his carriage into Buckingham Palace.

In the children’s cartoon Peppa Pig, the monarch jumps through puddles of mud. Her character also appears in Minions (2015), Austin Power: Goldmember (2002) and The Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police Department! (1988), where the queen is played by Jeanette Charles, her most famous on-screen double in the UK.

Intimate details from the life of the queen

Although the Queen has rarely given interviews, her life has been chronicled in films, plays and television programs.

In the film “The King’s Speech!” (2010) about her father King George VI’s struggles with speech impediments, which won an Oscar, shows the Queen’s childhood, and in the film The Queen (2006), Elizabeth II, played by Helen Mirren, faces the wrath of her subjects after her death in 1997 her sister-in-law Princess Diana.

But the most detailed about the Queen’s life was told by the popular Netflix series “The Crown”: here is the story of her relationship with her husband, Prince Philip, and marital disputes, and political scandals and crises.

Personal participation in the opening of the Olympic Games in London

After years of playing up her image in the canons of pop culture, in 2012 Queen Elizabeth II took the initiative: she takes part in a video filmed for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London.

Surrounded by her beloved corgis at Buckingham Palace, she hosts James Bond, played by Daniel Craig. “Good evening, Mr. Bond,” the Queen retains the style of Bondiada. After an exchange of pleasantries, the couple pretend to get into a helicopter, fly over London, and finally parachute into the Olympic Stadium.

In 2016, Elizabeth II also played a small role in a video featuring former US President Barack Obama to promote Invictus Games (“Invincible Games” _) _ – an international event created by her grandson Prince Harry for wounded soldiers by analogy with the Olympic Games.

Paddington Bear mourns the loss of “Ma’am”

The Queen has a surprise in store for her subjects in June as she celebrates her 70th birthday on the British throne. During the platinum anniversary events, she appeared in a short video where she drinks tea with Paddington Bear, the clumsy and touching character of the English writer Michael Bond.

In the video, she beats the rhythm with a silver spoon on her china cup, in time with the opening of a giant concert at the gates of Buckingham Palace.

And after the news of the Queen’s death, Paddington Bear responded on Twitter, thanking the Queen “for everything” she has done during her reign.

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