In Moscow, found a couple for the famous Alenka

In Moscow, found a couple for the famous Alenka
In Moscow, found a couple for the famous Alenka

A few years ago, an eerily beautiful monument to Alenka was opened in Novovoronezh, Russia. Soon, this ambiguous sculpture began to be discussed almost more often than Rodin’s The Thinker and Michelangelo’s David (in fact, more often), but then it was nevertheless replaced. It’s a pity, because now she could marry a couple – a goalkeeper who appeared in Moscow.

Even if we forget about the amazing proportions (people are different, and we are all beautiful), this statue still lacks something. Here are the top suggestions from commenters:

  • A chainsaw is missing (in memory of the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).
  • He needs a machete (like the maniac from Friday the 13th).
  • The mask doesn’t look like the one Hannibal Lecter wore.

In fact, this is a gift to the President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak in honor of the 70th anniversary from ZAO Kurganstalmost. Tretiak himself liked the sculpture.

“As they say in the arts, this is a collective image of a goalkeeper. The artist depicted a hockey player in accordance with his perception of the world. I can say that the statue is an interesting example of sculptural art. Obviously, the image was inspired by the goalkeepers of the sixties and seventies of the last century, because the equipment is from those times. But I would ask all hockey fans and fans not to compare this statue with specific goalkeepers of that era. We have great respect for artists, for their figurative artistic thinking. I liked the statue of the goalkeeper, Tretyak said about the gift.

What is missing from this sculpture?

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