Fan art on Park Jimin. His image with a tattoo on his neck excited many talented artists.

Whenever bangtans release new concept photobooks, Park Jimin’s images are hotly debated and remain trending on many online platforms for a long time. That’s why, Jimin bears the title of “Maestro of Concepts”.

The last set of photos was released specifically for the individual project of each participant. Their photobooks are a separate work of art, where each member chooses his idea.

Jimin’s photobook preview is fantasizing about “Maker of Chaos”. Moreover, he managed to really create chaos in social networks, although this is not even a full-fledged photobook, but just a hint. The uniqueness of the idea and the high level of creativity deprived ARMY (the so-called fandom bts) breath, and those who were not familiar with his work were forced to admire the visual. These photos have taken over Twitter!

“The Tailor of Chaos,” a phrase that had never appeared anywhere before, raised the level of interest. Part of the ARMY, according to the established tradition, conducted a mini-investigation on the network, but the secret of the concept turned out to be unrevealed.

The mysterious photos have awakened the imagination of fans and inspired the creative part of the fandom to create amazing art. Moreover, Jimin has already been unofficially crowned as the “Muse of Art” for his magical beauty, and the unusual theme has only attracted the attention of artists.

Since the preview is out, while waiting for the full photobook, fans have been passing the time creating Jimin’s wonderful “Tailor of Chaos” art.

Below is a collection of fan art in Jimin’s mesmerizing concept.






















Park Jimin will always be the favorite muse of artists!


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