“Recently I asked him to stop”: Natasha Koroleva said that Tarzan is doing at home

“Recently I asked him to stop”: Natasha Koroleva said that Tarzan is doing at home
“Recently I asked him to stop”: Natasha Koroleva said that Tarzan is doing at home

Natasha Koroleva’s husband went into art with his head. The artist tries not to interfere with Sergei Glushko.

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The husband of the singer Natasha Koroleva claims to be a professional painter. Sergei Glushko, known under the pseudonym Tarzan, recently opened a personal exhibition. The exposition is located in Stavropol, in the center of contemporary art. The dancer brought a dozen and a half of his paintings to the North Caucasus.

On the opening day of the exhibition, Sergei Glushko was supported by Natasha Koroleva. The singer admitted that she was proud of her husband, because in just a year and a half he managed to paint paintings for a whole collection.

Many famous artists came to the opening ceremony, for example, Sergey Parshin, Valery and Larisa Blokhin. Painters praised Tarzan. According to Koroleva, her husband became a real sensation in the art world. The artists are surprised at how quickly Glushko settled into his new field and mastered the art.

The queen also said that Glushko creates at home. When Sergey takes up his brushes, Natalya tries not to disturb him. The artist goes out of her way to create comfortable conditions for her husband. Natasha, we note, was the first to pose for Tarzan.

“Seryozha painted several of my portraits. Recently I asked him to stop. Because, besides me, there are so many beautiful things around!” — said the vocalist.

Sergei Glushko

Glushko’s unexpected hobby turned out to be quite profitable. Sergei sold several paintings. Each work was special, so it cost more than a million. Now things created by Tarzan and once decorating the house of Natasha Koroleva are in other people’s private collections.

“I am glad that, thanks to my husband’s new hobby, we will not be left without a piece of bread in old age. But we are still far from that, ”the singer reasoned.

Glushko is full of hope, he is sure that he will have large and profitable projects ahead of him. In addition, Koroleva’s husband dreams of organizing an exhibition in Moscow.


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