Russian troops destroyed monuments of sacred art in Izyum – Polovtsian stone women

The Russian troops that occupied Izyum destroyed monuments of sacred art – stone figures of Polovtsian women, which were made more than a thousand years ago,

tweeted by Ukrainian historian Oksana Semenik.

According to her, Polovtsian stone women (dating from the 9th-13th centuries) are located on Mount Kremenets near Izyum, which was liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on September 10. The historian also noted that the sanctuaries where the Polovtsian women were located were the place of the funeral cult of ancestors, not directly related to the burials.

In May of this year, a photo appeared on the Internet showing one of the Polovtsian women on Mount Kremenets with a flag attached to it – a copy of the banner that was hoisted in May 1945 over the Reichstag in Berlin.

Maxim Strelnikov, deputy of the Izyum City Council, reported on the significant destruction of Izyum’s infrastructure as a result of hostilities. He noted that more than 80% of the city’s infrastructure has been destroyed, in particular, the district heating system. “It is necessary to carry out an examination and design work in order to begin the restoration of the city, which was very badly damaged as a result of hostilities and occupation,” he said.

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