An exhibition of academic contemporary art “ZA us Victory” has opened in the State Duma

An exhibition of academic contemporary art “ZA us Victory” has opened in the State Duma
An exhibition of academic contemporary art “ZA us Victory” has opened in the State Duma

On September 20, the State Duma opened the exhibition “Za us Victory. Strength in truth”, organized by the Defense Committee. Chairmen of committees and heads of factions of the State Duma took part in its opening.

In their speeches, they noted the special importance and relevance of holding such exhibitions in modern conditions.

Chairman of the Defense Committee Andrey Kartapolov

Andrey Valerievich

Deputy of the State Duma elected as part of the federal list of candidates put forward by the All-Russian political party “UNITED RUSSIA”
said that the creation of the exhibition by its authors was “inspired by the heroic deed of our soldiers and officers, which is now performed every day in the name of Russia, in the name of a world without Nazism.”

“Heroes of the past and present are united in one space, each of whom has contributed to the history of the country and our future. The painting “Donbass” can rightly be called the central canvas of the exhibition. This is empathy for the fate of Donbass and admiration for the feat of the inhabitants of the republic,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

In a group portrait, residents of the Donetsk region are miners, pensioners, children, war correspondents, militias and military personnel. Here are the faces of Alexander Zakharchenko, Denis Pushilin, Arsen Pavlov – Motorola, Mikhail Tolstykh – Givi.

“Many of the heroes of the picture gave their lives for the victory, but new fighters will take their place! This picture is about the victory of the entire Donetsk people, present and future. Along with works of painting and sculpture, the exhibition includes iconography, since it is in the icon and the Orthodox faith that the cultural code of Russia is based, its spiritual support in the fight against the enemy,” said Andrey Kartapolov.

He expressed the hope that heroes will always be born in Russia, to whom the words of the Holy Scriptures will apply: “There is no greater love than if someone lays down his life for his friends.”

Perpetuating the memory of deeds and heroes is a particularly important aspect necessary in the formation of the modern cultural code of Russia as a power that honors its origins and is true to its traditions for the sake of the future of our Motherland,” concluded the Chairman of the Committee.

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