The letters ROTHKO will not return to the ramparts

The letters ROTHKO will not return to the ramparts
The letters ROTHKO will not return to the ramparts

On the main shaft of the 7th bastion of the Daugavpils Fortress for many years there were letters from which the name of the famous local artist was composed. However, when implementing European projects on the shaft, they had to be removed.

As the deputy commandant of the Daugavpils fortress told Janis Ostrovskyit has already been decided that the letters that were dismantled will not return there.

At the time of dismantling, we discussed the possibility of moving them to another place and determined the place where they could be installed. However, before the dismantling itself, we saw that the letters were in such a state that it was almost impossible to repair them and they were destroyed“, he shared.

It is possible that in the future the M. Rothko Center for the Arts will take part in a similar project and the letters will still appear, but they will be installed in a different place, I, Ostrovsky noted.

Recall that the installation of these letters on the shaft is a gift to the city for the 740th anniversary, made at the expense of the Ministry of Culture. Initially, the letters stood in front of the entrance to the Rothko Center, their presentation took place on April 24, 2015, on the birthday of the Art Center

And last year it was decided that the object of the environment in the form of the letters ROTHKO will be transferred from the main rampart of the fortress to the green zone – next to the car park on Daugavas Street.

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