Volunteer activists gave more than 20 thousand books to children from Donbass

Rostov region, 23 September 2022. TV channel “DON 24”. Poems, fairy tales and stories, as well as study aids. More than 20,000 books were donated by activists of the United Russia Volunteer Center to children from Donbass.

Maxim Zakharov, volunteer, leader of the United Russia faction in the Neklinovsky District Assembly of Deputies:
“There is a need for books, the residents of the temporary accommodation center leave applications to the elders, and the elders send us with a request – we need literature, the children want to read.”

Volunteers are sure that the books will be of interest not only to children, but also to their parents. The latter admit that they were pleasantly surprised by the literature sent.

Oksana Velchinskaya, refugee:
“Thank you very much to your team, the United Russia party, because this is needed, this is something that really passes from generation to generation, and I am just one of those people who believe that a book is an important source of knowledge, it is always for children necessary.”

Earlier, the United Russia faction delivered 10 thousand books to the DPR, and about a thousand were sent by Don deputies to the Luhansk People’s Republic.

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