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A new school year has come: lessons and breaks, new knowledge and homework, tests and presentations at the blackboard. And also – meetings with unexpectedly matured classmates, discussion of summer adventures, friendly communication and first school love, just like in Asya Lavrynovych’s popular books. The newest of which – “The Whitest Night” – is already on sale exclusively in the stores of the “Chitay-gorod” network.

Specially for the release of the book in mid-September, Chitai-Gorod will offer a unique line of merchandise: shoppers, sticker packs, chocolate sets, candy canes, mugs and other souvenirs in the style of the author’s books. You can find them only in the stores of the largest Russian book chain. Such a creative gift was prepared by “Chitay-gorod” together with the popular author of romantic youth stories Asya Lavrinovich.

A writer from St. Petersburg was going to become a lawyer, but then changed her mind and went to journalism. And in her spare time, she began to write books and put them on the Internet. So Asya Lavrinovich found her first fans even before she signed a contract with a publishing house. At the beginning of 2019, her debut novel “From One Hare” was released. Since then, readers have greeted each new book with delight, because this emotional and sincere prose always helps to believe in the best.

We meet the new book “The Whitest Night”, choose souvenirs and re-read our favorite stories.

In the new novel by young-adult star Asya Lavrinovich, atmospheric Peter brings together two completely different girls: bright and emotional Varya, who is going to get the most out of her student life, and closed, cold Agnia, who dreams of being an artist and not remembering her past. Girls become roommates – and this meeting will change their lives in the most unpredictable way.


Rita thinks only about her studies, and this state of affairs suits her completely. Until that strange day when she is teamed up with Artem to prepare a joint project. And of course, this handsome athlete has no time for studying at all. His head is full of friends and parties, and this is terribly annoying for the hardworking Rita. Then she decides to implement an insidious plan and make sure that the guy himself refuses to work with her. Only Artyom, it seems, also started something.


They say that the first impression is the key to a future relationship. We may not yet be aware, but inside we already know for sure: we will fall in love with this person or we will not pay special attention to him. Alena is going to test this theory, and makes a bet with her friend that she will fall in love with the first person she meets. How could she know that Dima would be the first person she met. And that Dima also argued with a friend that he would fall in love with anyone, no matter what. Which of the two will win the bet now?


A luxurious party on the roof ended in an accident for Lera: a flash of lightning was the last thing she remembered from that evening. Suddenly, in addition to a headache, Lena discovers a superpower in herself – now she hears the thoughts of other people. But they are not always what she would like to know. Will the incredible ability to build relationships with others and win the heart of the best guy on Earth?


Alya and Tasya have been close friends since the first grade, sharing each other’s joys and failures. They were there even when they shared the school crown. A set of rules helps them to protect valuable friendship, which each one strictly follows. But suddenly a new kid shows up in the senior class, and now everything goes awry. How to maintain friendship and not drown in quarrels if the cherished desires of two friends suddenly collided with each other?



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*young adult

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