What to read at the weekend: “Under a glass jar”

What to read at the weekend: “Under a glass jar”
What to read at the weekend: “Under a glass jar”

In the Weekend Readings section, the ReadRate editors recommend worthwhile books to spend the weekend with. Usually it’s something short but exciting. Sometimes easy, sometimes – poignant and thought provoking. Today is just such a case.

“Under a glass jar” – a prose book by the famous American poetess Sylvia Plath. This is an autobiographical story about a young girl full of high hopes who comes to New York for an internship and has absolutely no idea what to do with her life. Then she falls into the abyss of depression and mental problems, is treated in a clinic and tries to understand everything that happens to her with the help of her creativity.

“Under a glass jar” is very close to what is now called autofix – that is, an honest, painful documentary confession. The biography of the writer is too famous not to know the fact that Plath suffered from depressive episodes and attempted suicide. A few months after the release of The Bell Jar, she committed suicide in her home in London.

Despite all this depressing context, Sylvia Plath’s prose is captivating and captivating. She writes honestly and cleanly, talentedly and simply. A there is also a lot of America of the fifties with its customs and customs in this book.

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