Russians began to switch to used Japanese cars


Russians did not appreciate new Chinese cars; they began to switch to used Japanese cars.

Despite the sanctions, Russian buyers continue to prefer used foreign cars from Japan, Europe and Korea to new Chinese models.

As shown by an analysis of the secondary market, there is not a single Chinese brand in the top 20 most popular models. Only Chery Tiggo takes a modest 32nd place. At the same time, 11 positions in the ranking are occupied by Japanese cars, especially Toyota – RAV4, Land Cruiser Prado, Nissan X-Trail. The reason is that Japanese foreign cars have proven themselves to be reliable and adaptable to Russian conditions for decades. Chinese brands do not yet have such operating experience in our country.

Based on the results of 8 months, Toyota RAV4 alone found about 37 thousand new owners. In total, 1.5 million transactions were made with used foreign cars. Sales of Chinese used cars have hardly grown over the year. Thus, despite sanctions and import substitution, Russians continue to trust the proven quality and reliability of European, Korean and especially Japanese cars. It will take more than one year for Chinese brands to displace their positions in the secondary market.

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