FSB began purchasing Chinese premium cars worth 5-10 million rubles

FSB began purchasing Chinese premium cars worth 5-10 million rubles
FSB began purchasing Chinese premium cars worth 5-10 million rubles

After the departure of popular European and Japanese auto brands from Russia, employees of the Federal Security Service decided to “switch” to premium Chinese cars, writes Motor.

According to the publication, an Exeed VX crossover with a livery in the colors of the Russian flag and an LED beam with blue, white and red special signals was spotted in the FSB fleet. The cost of the car starts from 5.3 million rubles. The Exeed VX interior is designed for seven people. Inside the SUV there are three climate control zones, a panoramic roof, a projection screen, an eight-speaker audio system, heated and ventilated seats, six airbags and other premium car options.

Before this in Cars from another Chinese luxury brand appeared in the FSB garage. We were talking about the Hongqi E-HS9 electric car, the cost of which starts at 9.5 million rubles. From open sources it was possible to find out that the car, which is called a Chinese Rolls-Royce, is registered to the FSB Directorate for Moscow and the Moscow Region. The Hongqi E-HS9 cabin can accommodate from four to seven seats. The electric car has seven driving modes, adaptive cruise control with autopilot for the highway, a panoramic roof, an audio system with 16 speakers, heated, ventilated and massage seats.

In July, Hongqi sedans were seen in motorcades of the Federal Security Service, but these were gasoline cars costing from 7.5 million rubles. The FSO also uses Chinese Exeed VX, Tank 500 and Russian Aurus Senat to transport foreign guests and Russian officials.

In general, government officials are in no hurry to switch to domestic cars, despite the demand of President Vladimir Putin. Previously, the head of state ordered civil servants to abandon foreign cars in order to support Russian manufacturers. “Ministries, departments, departments of affairs asked to continue purchasing, to focus on foreign cars. This is impossible!” Putin said, adding that the cars will be “more modest than before.”

At the same time, officials who do switch to domestic cars opt for the most expensive brands. For example, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko now drives a premium Aurus Senat sedan worth more than 36 million rubles, which Putin himself uses.

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