How Chat GPT5 will change the trading robot industry


I’m not sure that after my post, none of our competitors will seriously enter this race. But, to be honest, in recent years I have so much doubted their ability to compete that I will ignore this risk.

So, today we’ll talk about how, within a year, many will switch to creating robots by talking to their computer, instead of writing source code or dragging cubes. How will this happen?

1 How will it be?

This will be an interface for communicating with the server via voice or text messages, in which you will ask the program to create a robot according to your instructions.

Small GUI:

1) Field for entering text / TK slander.

2) A field showing the source text with errors underlined. The same field, if there are compilation errors, will be able to send the source code back to the AI ​​so that it can correct it based on the previous context.

3) A field with candles and data connection, where you can immediately see on the graph how the robot works.

4) Field for editing parameters and a button for restarting tests.

5) “Save robot” button for use in the optimizer and trading.

6) That’s it!

2 What is needed for this?

1) One talented programmer in the topic from Vasyurinskaya. Check!

2) One trading platform on GitHub for the AI ​​context. Check!

3) 300 – 400 live working examples with descriptions on GitHub. We write… About 15 per month. Also to create context. In progress…

4) Chat GPT 5. In progress…

5) 2 months time.

3 When will this be in Os Engine?

Now, as you already understand from the context of our blog, we are busy creating a department for writing and supporting connectors. This will continue until the summer. It is very important.

Also, every month 10–20 examples of robots are written on the Git Hub. With such funny descriptions that no one except Chat GPT fucking needs:

How Chat GPT5 will change the trading robot industry

And by the end of summer 2024, a “miracle” will happen.

Although, of course, this is no miracle, which is why I write about it casually. This will be the new standard for any platform for creating trading robots. Most likely by the end of 2025.

Then, in the fall of 2024, Os Engine will enter the large international market. And boost for users, x 10 or x 100. The devil knows.

But I repeat once again, the connector support department should be formed in any case BEFORE. Everything should work like clockwork so that the Chinese don’t shower us with slop.

4 How to buy a share in Van Technologies?

Write in PM:

2 local executive organizations, for now rubles, for 1%. Minimum 5%. (* not an offer. I can refuse for any reason)

This is never a joke. At the same time, the investor will not receive any management powers. No one here needs a “gas station owner” who will tell you how to do an IT project. May all “gas station owners” forgive me

5 Total

This AI, AGI, Chat GPT of yours is not some distant miracle.

This is a completely everyday story. At least for our office.

Cases of several blocks. And you can touch everything with your own hands.

Straight to the trading topic.

Be patient!

How Chat GPT5 will change the trading robot industry

Happy algorithms!

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