her cars can’t pass inspection

her cars can’t pass inspection
her cars can’t pass inspection

At the end of the year, the German organization TÜV, known in its homeland for its authority, “rolled out” the study TÜV Report 2024. In it, as, in fact, always, experts counted the number of cases when a particular car in Germany failed due to some technical problems. could pass technical inspection.

In total, German analysts analyzed more than 10 million cars. And the results from at least one very popular car brand were unexpected.

Despite the efforts of Tesla, which has achieved a significant increase in terms of quality, in Germany they called one of its models the most unreliable and even dangerous to operate.

Thus, according to the TÜV Report 2024, in the two- to three-year-old category, the Tesla Model 3 electric car is in last place, behind 111 car models. If you look deeper into the statistics, they are completely terrifying.

The Germans note that almost 15 percent of these Tesla cars failed to pass technical inspection!

With electric motors in the case of Tesla models, everything looks good, but everything is very bad with the suspension and brakes. Moreover, both defects, which, in fairness, are relevant, but to a much lesser extent for other electric vehicles, are dangerous. As a result, every sixth Model 3 “electric train” fails during maintenance.

As for the best electric car, it was the local VW e-Golf, with just 2.6 percent of cars failing inspection in 2023.

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