What are the risks of buying a Chinese car with a towbar?

What are the risks of buying a Chinese car with a towbar?
What are the risks of buying a Chinese car with a towbar?

The Southern Automobile website warned owners of Chinese cars about the dangers of installing a towbar: such a car may subsequently simply not be registered with the traffic police

The publication’s experts note that most Chinese cars presented in Russia do not provide for towing a trailer. At least, it’s documented: this possibility is not provided for in the model’s “passport” – the Vehicle Type Approval.

“It’s quite strange why most Chinese manufacturers, when receiving OTTS, did not include data on the ability to tow a trailer. Thus, in the annex to the OTTS for most cars of Chinese brands, in the column for the minimum trailer weight it is indicated that towing a trailer is not provided,” says Andrey Golydbin, head of the magazine “Auto Parts and Prices in Russia”.

If such a possibility is not specified in the OTTS, then the installation of a towbar may be regarded by traffic police officers as making changes to the design of the vehicle. The authorities confirmed that the installation of a towbar is allowed only if it complies with the requirements of technical regulations.

“If the OTTS for a car states that towing a trailer is not provided, then such a modification is unacceptable. In fact, it turns out that if a dealer offers you to install a tow bar on your Chinese car, then it is better to refuse this service. Otherwise, if the OTTS does not provide for the installation of a device for towing a trailer, then it is necessary to conduct an examination for compliance with safety,” concludes Yuzhny Automobile.

Another question is how and where to get acquainted with the OTTS for your car. If previously information was provided on the Rosstandart website, now there is no uploading of documents, so when buying a Chinese car, it would be a good idea to request a copy of this important document from the seller.

Evgeniy Kostin

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