The new Haval F7 was shown to dealers in Russia – this is a Monster crossover


Haval Monster (Shenshou) was presented to the brand’s dealers in Russia as part of a closed presentation, and as the new F7. Photos from the closed presentation were shared by the Haval Owners Club.

Let us remind you that Haval Monster (Shenshou) entered the Chinese market in 2021. For the first time, copies of this model came to Russia at the beginning of 2023. But then we were talking about the private import of individuals. And in early November, a Haval Monster was spotted in Moscow with license plates belonging to the brand’s Tula plant. Then sources from Chinese Cars said that Monster would become part of the F-series on the Russian market. A screenshot from the brand’s internal presentation that leaked online indicated that this was a new generation of the F7 crossover familiar to Russians. Now this information has been confirmed.

New Haval F7 at a closed presentation

As part of a closed presentation for dealers called F7, the “originally Chinese” Haval Monster was presented. For this particular car, they didn’t even bother to get rid of the hieroglyphs on the tailgate. Attention is drawn to the large radiator grille, sporty bumpers and four exhaust pipes.

New Haval F7 (Haval Monster) at an event for dealers in Russia / photo “Haval Club”

“According to sources, the second generation F7 will go on sale in the summer of 24,” commented on the pictures in the Haval Owners Club

It looks like the “monster” will be brought to the Russian market with minimal changes to the exterior. Let us remember that its exact dimensions are 4780 x 1890 x 1675 mm with a wheelbase of 2800 mm. For clarity: it is 89 mm longer, 24 mm wider and 15 mm lower than the current F7. This car does not fit into the compact SUV segment. This is a mid-size crossover that competes with the Geely Monjaro in China. This means that the price of the new generation F7 may be noticeably higher than that of the current model.

We previously reported that the Haval Monster was also planning a cross-coupe modification. Her appearance was even patented in Russia. But the project was frozen in China. However, for the promising Russian market, the company may still complete the development of a Monster with a coupe-like body. After all, F7x also needs a new generation.

Coupe-shaped crossover Haval Shenshou / photo from Rospatent database

Haval Monster: equipment and prices

We have already talked about the dimensions of the Haval Monster. In China, three powertrain options are available for it. The starting configuration is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine producing 184 hp. in conjunction with a 7-speed “robot”. The second version is represented by a 2-liter internal combustion engine with 224 horsepower, the same transmission and optional all-wheel drive. There is also a hybrid version with a 1.5-liter internal combustion engine.

The cost of the Haval Monster in China is 130-167 thousand yuan (1.6-2.06 million rubles). This price tag is roughly in line with the Haval Dargo.

Denis BOBYLEV (YouTube)

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