AVTOVAZ is preparing a premium replacement for the new crossover LADA X-Cross 5


2023-11-20 13:53+03:00

AvtoVAZ will cooperate with the Chery brand after negotiations with FAW failed

There is a possibility that AvtoVAZ will start producing Chery cars. A test SUV Chery Tiggo 7 Pro was spotted on the territory of the AvtoVAZ engineering center in Tolyatti. According to the Avtograd News public page, the Russian auto company may decide to launch production of Chery cars after an unsuccessful collaboration with the FAW concern. True, if the proposal is of interest to the Chinese side.

In June of this year, AvtoVAZ announced the start of production of new Lada X-Cross 5 crossovers at the former Nissan plant in St. Petersburg. However, these cars never went on sale. Under the X-Cross 5 brand, the Chinese crossover FAW Bestune T77 is presented with the original logo replaced with the Lada emblem. Of the 10 thousand Lada X-Cross 5 cars planned for production at the plant in St. Petersburg in 2023, only about 100 copies were assembled.

It is assumed that the inclusion of AvtoVAZ on the US sanctions list may cause a deal to assemble Chinese cars under the Lada brand to be disrupted.

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