Guys, this is something! I bought a magnetic popsocket for iPhone in Canada, but there is the same one on AliExpress for 6 times cheaper


Guys, we are in Canada! If you are tired of starting almost every article about our adventures in this unusual country with these words, just write about it in the comments.

One of the most interesting discoveries for me here overseas was Amazon. With a Prime subscription, most items ordered on it can be received within 1–2 days. This is something! We use this feature very actively!

We order gadgets, accessories, and banal household items on Amazon. This is often much faster than going to the supermarket to get them, and delivery is free with a subscription.

Today I’ll tell you about the coolest thing I’ve ever used with Apple smartphones. Guys, I I bought PopSockets MagSafe Round for iPhone 15 Pro Max.

If anything, all the photos of the iPhone 15 Pro Max along with PopSockets MagSafe Round in the article were taken on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This is a magnetic finger holder that turns into a stand very easily. I bought it for 40 Canadian dollars, but later found an analogue on AliExpress for much cheaper. According to reviews, it’s no worse than the original and costs only 481 rubles.

First, I’ll tell you what PopSockets actually are.

This is a photo from the PopSockets office from their official website. Looks very modern. By the way, to increase the quality of this image, I used the Topaz neural network.

PopSockets was created in 2014.

The company is interested in things that change the way we use smartphones.

Sliding holders are attached to the back of gadgets and allow you to hold them with just a couple of fingers. So special convenient to handle shovelphones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This image is requested by Generate Image [PopSockets] generated by ChatGPT 4. Looks like a photo, doesn’t it?

The company’s owners say that in 9-10 years they have sold more than 245 million of these pieces of various formats in 75 countries.

In 2021 PopSockets named one of the most innovative technology companies according to Fast Company. Sounds like an achievement.

The company respects environmental standards and in 2022 has already become even more neutral in this regard than Apple. Pass!

One of the company’s latest pieces is MagSafe Round.

One of the best purchases for Apple smartphones that I have ever bought. It is very convenient to handle such a large shovel with her.

What’s the point of this thing? You can hold a large smartphone with it simply with two fingers: index and middle.

This makes handling shovels much easier.

How does it attach to the iPhone? Previously, all PopSockets had to be glued to the case with double-sided tape. It wasn’t very convenient.

A year or two ago, PopSockets launched a line of magnetic holders with MagSafe, but they were big and ugly.

I almost forgot to show how this thing looks as a holder for a large smartphone. Something like that.

These small, simply round ones were launched quite recently, so they are not yet available in a wide variety of colors. To begin with, I took the most banal one.

Yes, they are simply magnetic to the smartphone. They hold very securely, but are easy to remove.

All PopSockets are interesting because of their cool folding mechanism, which makes such things almost invisible on a smartphone. The size doesn’t seem to be increasing.

How can you put a smartphone in your pocket with such a thing? PopSockets are very easy to put together.

Apparently, the mechanism is unique and patented.

Competitors are trying to come up with something else, but the success of this idea in an alternative version is so-so.

Is it really more convenient with this thing? To me – yes, and not only to me.

On YouTube I found both rave reviews and downright negative ones. There were fewer of the latter.

Plus, PopSockets MagSafe Round is also great as a smartphone stand for watching YouTube or something else. In Canada, we are heavily hooked on all the streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+.

What else is interesting? PopSockets MagSafe Round very quickly turns into a stand for your smartphone to watch any content on it.

Since I myself now want to give up the iPad and other useless gadgets, the iPhone with the largest screen at the moment becomes for me a universal mobile device for movies somewhere on the plane or in the background while working.

Such a stand is very necessary in this scenario.

I think that’s all for me today. What’s in the bottom line?

This is what the analogue from AliExpress looks like. You can take it.

Overall, I liked the PopSockets MagSafe Round. A very convenient thing.

True, it costs C$40 on Amazon, and this almost 2.6 thousand rubles at today’s exchange rate. Expensive? Not that word! I think that even in Canada, not everyone will shell out that kind of money for something like that. Therefore, here is an analogue from AliExpress for 481 rubles.

But this nonsense bothered me. It’s often very convenient to be with her.

In short, definitely try it. For Russian-speaking Canadians I leave a link to Amazon, for others there is a link to “Alishka”. Thank you for your attention!

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