I think Dota 2 needs to be framed

I think Dota 2 needs to be framed
I think Dota 2 needs to be framed
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It seems to me that Dota 2 should be framed by the previous Warcraft, but that is…

Dota only needs short matches for cyber factory workers (I’ve been playing turbo for like 4 years) mm doesn’t work at all. Sometimes I’ll go to the bookmaker and play and that’s it) mobile on mobile wins because the skating rinks there are fast and not like here for 40+ minutes. watch it for 50+ minutes, but the kids don’t want to waste time. In fact, this has become an evolution in mob games. Make the skating rinks dynamic and fast. Warcraft needs to be framed and Dota needs to be taken to a new level. Although if you look at their stories from the side of the characters, there is a lot of content there. One game of MMR for 35+ minutes makes me no longer want to play Dota. 15-30 minutes to play a mob game for children to enter, then in terms of the level of colorfulness and graphics itself, it would be imbued. And so he stupidly makes types for commerce, patches are essentially for cyber cutlets, the whole focus is on cutlets. What they can do for people so that we can compete with you, official website, statistics, etc. Some kind of peak bans at the Dota level for ordinary people (but for example from 10k honesty and at least 3 rolls per day) those who fumble, etc. On the pro stage they are already whining that your +1 minus1 armor sucks. In short, Dota clearly has enough problems. I chose the turbo for myself. Essentially, if they introduced something interesting into the turbo ala numbers or came up with something new. who wants a mm rating there and who wants a turbo rating there. And honestly, it wouldn’t hurt me to waste a conditional mm in 20 minutes than to sit for 40+ of which 10 you endured, 20 you were looking for where to farm 1-2 fights, 10 defal throne/Push. And 40 minutes is some kind of 3 artifacts, and then if there is a wow game. What’s the interest? Why didn’t you realize the hero in 40 minutes? and next all over again) and this is not counting puja and all the garbage “supports” who saw somewhere how someone played well. It’s just that the point of the game is in the rating if you essentially want to get Dota itself. And you always think in terms of ratings. I fucked up for about 3 years and then I realized that this was burping)) and before the rate there were just pubs. By the way, this is also a fun topic. Turbo is essentially the same thing only x2 faster and you can figure out in the moment whether it’s better for you to buy a zero or go straight to the lightning or through BM. And when they tell me that the economy there is broken. So against you is a guy who is in the same conditions. What do you mean the economy is broken? I had such skating rinks in turbo divine / validol sho in mm from 100 games, I could get such a feeling. It’s up to you to spend on all this nonsense, but for me saving time is better

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Yes, ordinary Dota is artificially prolonged beyond reach. Bans, then there’s a lot of time for picks, then who knows how much time until the creeps… you haven’t done anything yet, and 10 minutes have already passed. And then 15 minutes on the lines while the initial items are farmed. These couriers are slow and take forever. In taverns, when dying, sit for minutes. CD for buyback forever. Shard from 20 minutes, long wait for neutrals. Without even touching everything else, just correcting these little things will make it faster. And if a little more money/experience is poured in, then generally great.

I’ve been playing turbo for 2 weeks. Still, this is not an ordinary Dota x2, but something completely different. A kind of looking glass. A completely unbalanced amount of money for murders, a satanic comeback system, when 3-5 lvls are poured in, as a result, those heroes who need 1-2 items become a fierce imba and they all play with them. Try farming aganim, octarine, eul and 2 moonshards for the fairy. And then through the game. Or these Ogres, boot + return + the rest of the Tarasques. Barychi with 3 shoes, octarine and eul.

They randomly picked up magicians, and then there were fat guys, and greetings.

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