Lexus is preparing an intriguing new product that has never been in the manufacturer’s lineup


2023-11-20 14:01+03:00

Toyota patented a new electric crossover Lexus HZ

Toyota has filed three intriguing trademarks in Europe, indicating it may have a new electric car on the way. The trademark applications were filed through the European Union Intellectual Property Office and discovered by members of a Lexus RX owners forum. The three names, HZ300e, HZ450e and HZ550e, apparently refer to three different versions of the same model. But what form might this model take?

Like many of its premium competitors, Lexus is making moves toward electrification. The company plans to offer electric options on all its models by 2030, and become an all-electric brand by 2035. Earlier this year, Lexus filed trademarks for the TZ450e and TZ550e, prompting speculation that the model would be a three-row electric SUV positioned above the RZ in the lineup. If this is true, then it is possible that the HZ could be an SUV that sits below the RZ.

Regardless, the ability to offer three different options should attract buyers. The current RZ450e is powered by a pair of electric motors producing 309 hp. and 435 Nm, and it is possible that the HZ450e will have the same powertrain. This could mean the HZ300e could be powered by a single electric motor, while the HZ550e would have significant additional power over the 450e, potentially in excess of 400 hp.

While details about the Lexus HZ are sparse at the moment, we do know that the company’s most advanced next-generation electric vehicle will take the form of the LF-ZC, unveiled as a concept at Japan Mobility last month. The innovative new model will be built using Gigacasting technology and prismatic structure batteries, which are expected to significantly increase range while reducing weight. The LF-ZC will be similar in size to the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

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