A new type of battery for electric vehicles will appear in China


2023-11-20 15:22+03:00

BYD will build a plant to produce sodium batteries

BYD has signed a contract to build a new 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion) battery plant in Xuzhou, a city located between Beijing and Shanghai. Its annual production capacity of 30 GWh will make it the world’s largest sodium-ion battery plant.

On November 18, BYD’s subsidiary Findreams Battery and three-wheeler brand Huaihai Group signed an agreement to jointly build a sodium-ion battery manufacturing plant at BYD’s Shenzhen headquarters. The companies have announced that they will make Xuzhou a hub for the production of batteries for microcars and scooters, since such batteries will be very useful in these electric vehicles.

This is not the first collaboration between BYD and Huaihai Group, as both companies teamed up to build a standard battery manufacturing plant in November 2022, where they jointly invested 10 billion yuan. The 310,000 square meter plant is almost ready, with trial production to begin in March 2024.

According to preliminary information, the first production electric vehicle with a sodium-ion battery was to be the BYD Seagull. However, at the time of its release in April, it used BYD’s standard LFP Blade battery.

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