Alexander Emelianenko married his ex-wife

Alexander Emelianenko married his ex-wife
Alexander Emelianenko married his ex-wife

The 41-year-old mixed martial arts fighter has gained notoriety. Emelianenko Jr. even served time in prison for rape. It was then that he met, and then signed with his passion Polina Seledtsova. In 2015, the couple legalized the relationship, but a few years later the marriage broke up.

Soon the former resumed relations and today they have officially sealed the union. “The best day,” the athlete succinctly wrote on the blog under the touching video. The boxer’s fans congratulated him on his new status. “Congratulations! Long family life”; “Handsome. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!”; “Well done. All the best to you, Sanya, ”the subscribers wrote.

By the way, Alexander recently gave an interview in which he admitted that the wedding would take place without undue pomp. “We decided not to particularly arrange festivities, mass drinking. We decided to modestly, quietly go to sign. I told her: “I’d better give you this money, and it’s better for you to go somewhere to rest, or spend it on yourself,” the athlete shared.

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The man also boasted that he had given up bad habits and now leads a healthy lifestyle. “I stopped drinking. I didn’t code. Quit drinking, smoking, bullying. He established a relationship with his wife. Soon we will have a wedding, ”the boxer shared.

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