Galkin ridiculed “containing the USSR” Kalnynsh

Galkin ridiculed “containing the USSR” Kalnynsh
Galkin ridiculed “containing the USSR” Kalnynsh

Friday, 26 May 2023 08:30:22

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Actor Boris Galkin commented on the Russophobic statements of the Latvian Ivars Kalnins

Latvian actor Ivar Kalninsh after the February events last year, he categorically refused to work in Russia and made several loud statements criticizing Russian culture and politics.

He complained that in Soviet times he did not have extra paid. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Boris Galkin commented on the position of a colleague in an interview with AiF.

They forget that in America they would not be filmed – no one needs them there. And they forget that in America there are such taxes that they would have taken away half of their earnings,

Boris Galkin, actor

He also noted that it was Russia that gave work to Latvian actors, and they were not invited to work in Hollywood and Europe. At the same time, Galkin admitted that he was surprised anti-Russian the position of Kalninsh, with whom he crossed paths more than once at work.

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Boris Galkin commented on the Russophobia of the actor from Latvia Ivars Kalnins

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