I went to great lengths for a slim figure

I went to great lengths for a slim figure
I went to great lengths for a slim figure

Zepyur Brutyan

Pavel Priluchny And Zepyur Brutyan became parents at the end of April. The actress gave birth to her husband’s boy, who was named Makiel. The star of the TV series “In a Cage” gained noticeable weight during her pregnancy, but within a couple of months after the baby was born, she set out to restore her figure.

Brutyan started going to the gym with her husband and trained hard, but only today she reported for the first time on her weight loss results. Zepyur showed a photo of the scales with a mark of 47 kilograms and clarified that over the past almost seven months she has achieved amazing results. As it turned out, Priluchny’s wife not only did fitness, but also went on a strict diet.

“After giving birth, I weighed 64 kilograms, now I’m already 47. I’m happy. I removed flour and sweets from my diet, but without fanaticism. I added lots and lots of greens to my diet. Lately I’ve only been eating beef, turkey and chicken. I excluded pork. But to the question: “If you really want to, is it possible?” I answer myself: “It’s possible!” But so far there haven’t been any major disruptions. And of course, sports. We never forget about him. I love my coach.”

— the artist shared.

Apparently, Brutyan was really worried about her figure, since she began to lose weight so sharply. Many suspect that it’s not only the haters who often criticized Zepyur after giving birth, but also Priluchny’s ex-wife, who became the owner of a gorgeous body and constantly shows it off. Moreover, Agata Mutsenietse She has also turned into a cabaret show star and appears on stage in very racy outfits.

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