The number of jobs in the renewable energy industry in the world has reached 12.7 million

The number of jobs in the renewable energy industry in the world has reached 12.7 million
The number of jobs in the renewable energy industry in the world has reached 12.7 million

The fastest growing sector was recognized as solar energy. The sector provided 4.3 million jobs in 2021, more than a third of the world’s current renewable energy jobs.

The report shows that more and more countries are creating renewable energy jobs. Nearly two-thirds of these jobs are in Asia. China alone accounts for 42 percent, followed by the EU and Brazil (10 percent each), and the third by the United States and India (7 percent each).

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder said: “These are not just numbers. They show a growing focus on job quality and working conditions in the renewable energy industry. The rise in female employment rates indicates that a targeted strategy and training can significantly increase women’s employment in the industry, ensure inclusiveness, and ultimately achieve an equitable energy transition for all. I call on governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations to remain firmly committed to the sustainable energy transition, without which the future of employment cannot be imagined.”

According to the report, Southeast Asian countries are leading in the production of photovoltaic solar equipment and biofuels. China ranks first in the production and installation of solar photovoltaic panels and creates more and more jobs in the offshore wind industry. India has added more than 10 gigawatts of solar PV installations, but the country remains heavily dependent on panel imports.

Europe today accounts for about 40 percent of the world’s wind equipment, and is the world’s leading exporter. Africa’s role remains limited, but the report notes an increase in decentralized renewable energy employment opportunities.

In the Americas, Mexico is the largest supplier of wind turbine blades. Brazil continues to rank first in biofuel employment and also generates many jobs in wind and solar PV. The United States is beginning to build a domestic industry base for a promising offshore wind energy sector.

The report emphasizes that the development of renewable energy requires support in the form of comprehensive policy packages, including employee development. It is training that will make jobs worthy, high-quality, well-paid and diversified, and will also contribute to a just energy transition.

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