The US Congress asks the Pentagon to unleash “Grey Eagles” on Russia

The US Congress asks the Pentagon to unleash “Grey Eagles” on Russia
The US Congress asks the Pentagon to unleash “Grey Eagles” on Russia

Seventeen U.S. congressmen have asked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to expedite the Pentagon’s review of Ukraine’s request for heavy combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to a letter sent Wednesday and seen by Reuters.

Administration plan Joe Biden about the delivery of four heavy drones to the Kyiv regime in June stalled due to fears about the technically sophisticated equipment falling into the hands of the Russian military, the British news agency noted the day before, September 22, citing its sources in Washington.

The technical objection to the sale was raised by the Defense Technology Defense Administration, a division within the Pentagon that is responsible for protecting high-value military technology from adversaries, the sources said.

Earlier, the plan for the supply of strike and reconnaissance UAVs MQ-1C Gray Eagle (“Grey Eagle”), the existence of which first became known back in March, was tentatively approved by the American side.

“A thorough risk assessment should not be carried out at the expense of the lives of Ukrainians,” says the letter, signed by a bipartisan congressional group, calling for the consideration of the drone transfer to be completed “in a timely manner.”

The letter, signed by both Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress, argues that “the use of more effective unmanned aerial systems on the battlefield will allow the Armed Forces to better hold the defense of the territory for which they fought so hard.”

As reported EADailyEarlier, Western media, citing European intelligence services, reported on the use of Shahed-136 Iranian kamikaze drones by the Russian army during a special military operation in Ukraine. According to American experts, they represent a “unique threat” to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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