Joint photos of V and Jennie: “BLACKPINK Lisa is to blame for the devastating photo leak”?

On September 2, the Internet exploded again with more photos, which supposedly depict In and from bts and Jenny from BLACKPINK. Among the photos of particular interest to all were two – the one in which the singer smiles, and In and kisses her on the forehead. And the second, where the artist smiles widely during a video call with Jenny.

The user who posted these two photos also shared a screenshot of their computer. It looks like he has various photos In and and Jennyincluding those that have not yet been published.

He also commented on the photo with the “kiss on the forehead”: “This photo was taken from a new group chat created by a hacker In and and Jenny. I am also there“.

The user then added:The hacker said that all the leaked photos were provided fox from BLACKPINK. By the way, there may soon be a new relationship rumor“.

In response, netizens refused to believe that Fox turned out to be the culprit of this entire leak and criticized a Twitter user for spreading malicious rumors.

The latter expressed his position:Content related to fox, was not a joke. Looks like she’s been in love for a long time g-dragonso I leaked the photos in retaliation for the romance between him and Jenny. Compare the clothes of the man in the photo with the photo In and and Jennymade in Jeju. She’s the same“.

At the same time, the user uploaded a screenshot proving that he belongs to a chat created by the hacker. However, it was difficult to verify the image as it was not clearly visible due to the tiling.

Previously, netizens who support rumors of a possible romance Foxes and g-dragonpresented various arguments in support of these assumptions.

They claimed that they had the same bracelets, rings, hats and interior items. Besides, not so long ago g-dragon posted on social networks a photo taken with the director Baz Luhrmann and fox.

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