GOT7’s Jackson suspected of involvement in Li Yifeng scandal

On September 12, a netizen who claimed to be a fan Jackson Wang from GOT7 since 2018, found that Jackson allegedly had a close relationship with Blase (Wang Wang), a powerful woman associated with Lee Yi Feng. Blase produced the single Jackson “Can’t Breathe” and it was found that Jackson wore a shirt designed Blase.

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One published photo contained messages purportedly from Jackson Blase: “How are you, I can’t contact you.»; “Just finished filming a commercial»; “I miss you“.

This fan added that Jackson often photographed at nightclubs when he returned to China, and even revealed a list of nightclubs that the idol frequented. They accused the singer of being a gambler and that he was once close to a former member BIGBANG Seungriwhich gave rise to the theory that Jackson, Seungri, Lee Yifeng and Blase hung out in the same club.

The fan also accused Jackson mistreating fans. In particular, March 28 is the idol’s birthday. So March 29 this year Jackson posted photos from an exhibition made by fans in honor of his birthday. However, at the time of publication, the exhibition was not yet open, so fans did not understand where the photos came from. Jackson. After that, the fan site that organized the exhibition revealed that the idol had contacted them in advance to get photos so he could show off on social media. This disappointed many fans and the fan site even shut down.

Immediately after the rumor spread that Jackson will be named among the 17 people involved in the incident with Lee Yifenga fan site that has been following the idol for 8 years, has announced his departure from the fandom.

A number of conflicting statements have also been unearthed Jacksonmade by him while participating in the Korean program. The idol has been criticized for being patriarchal and sexist for saying, “Don’t interfere when a man is talking“.

In March of this year, a fan site once accused the company of Jackson in discrimination against fans. The incident sparked a huge outcry, with many fansites changing their avatar to black on Weibo at the same time to demand justice.

The current side Jackson has not yet given any response to the above rumors. Netizens are looking forward to the next step Blase about 17 names. If the name Jackson Wang does not appear on the list, all these rumors will eventually die down.


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