Julia Vysotskaya listed the “cornerstones” of women’s health

Julia Vysotskaya listed the “cornerstones” of women’s health
Julia Vysotskaya listed the “cornerstones” of women’s health

The “cornerstones” of women’s health were listed in her Telegram channel by the popular TV presenter, actress and culinary specialist Yulia Vysotskaya.

“The four C’s are the four cornerstones of women’s health. Sleep, sports, sun, sex. I really believe in these “Cs”, because I feel how they work, ”said the well-known Muscovite.

In the next post, Vysotskaya added specifics. “Sleep is our hormonal and energetic health. This is a period of restoration of the internal organs of metabolism – the kidneys and liver. And of course, this is a reboot of the head, ”the TV presenter wrote. According to her, if sleep is not adjusted, some of these systems begin to “limp” first, and then turn off, which leads to serious health problems.

“Sport. It’s not about professional training, not about two hours of survival training. We are talking about a daily 20-30-minute exercise. This is exactly what is needed to maintain serotonin levels, to conserve energy and to ensure that all body systems work at full capacity, ”continued Vysotskaya.

Walking in the sun, according to the actress, is needed not only for getting a dose of vitamin D, but also for “grounding”. “It is advisable to spend at least half an hour in the air every day to look around, at the bushes and trees (if they are nearby, of course), look up into the sky, stop your run, try to turn off the fuss and every second alarm for this half an hour. It is clear that in the city it is especially difficult, but the main thing is desire, ”she said.

Many are ashamed of discussing the topic of sex, but in vain, Vysotskaya is sure. “If you turn to specialists who deal with women’s health, they will answer that the importance of sex for this area is difficult to overestimate. So we do not lose sight of this point, ”she stressed.

Earlier, therapist Alexander Myasnikov and gynecologist Victoria Ivanova named three common women’s mistakes regarding their health. In their opinion, this is an independent treatment for thrush, ignoring urinary incontinence and uterine bleeding.

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