Gurumiharibo teases Jennie and V’s adult content leak

On the 29th, the ETtoday portal reported that the infamous Gurumiharibo began to intimidate fans Jenny and BLINK in particular, hinting at another information attack and “leaks” against the idol.

This user recently posted a screenshot of a photo gallery purporting to be Jenny. It is noteworthy that some of the photos were marked as “18+” and aroused the curiosity of the public.

Gurumiharibo teasingly said that on the phone Jenny there is a photo of a naked man, as well as a picture where the girl is wearing only underwear. YG Entertainment have not yet confirmed this information, however, it caused a lot of panic among fans. They are outraged by such a serious invasion of privacy and demanded an end to piracy. Fans also called YG finally take legal action to protect privacy Jenny.

Previously, the hacker claimed that Jenny from BLACKPINK and In and from bts They have been dating for several months and even made a trip to Jeju Island together. The user also posted private photos of the group members.

Remember, on the 29th Big Hit Music stated that they were collecting evidence and reported to the police that the participants bts subjected to slander, personal attacks and sexual harassment. However, the user Gurumiharibo stated that he had not received any legal notices and was ready to confront the agency.

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