Stepdaughter and own daughter got married, and the widow has a new relationship: how the relatives of Dmitry Hvorostovsky live

People’s Artist of Russia Dmitry Hvorostovsky passed away five years ago. The famous opera singer was killed by a brain tumor. “We thought until the very end that everything would be fine. He only realized at the end that everything, ”says the widow of the star. And he assures that Dmitry bequeathed to her to be happy. In this, Florence Illy-Hvorostovsky, apparently, is now helping a popular British TV presenter. On October 16, Dmitry Hvorostovsky could have turned 60.

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Restless and temperamental

Hvorostovsky was born in Krasnoyarsk in the most ordinary family. Mom worked as a gynecologist, and dad worked as a chemical engineer. Father, however, sang beautifully, played the piano and collected a collection of recordings of the stars of the world opera scene.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s parents

Dmitry has been involved in music since childhood. He graduated from the choral faculty at the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College and the Krasnoyarsk College of Arts. He had a reputation as a restless, very temperamental person. It was not easy for teachers to work with him. However, they quickly saw the real talent.

In the State Opera and Ballet Theater, Dmitry became a soloist in just a year. He became the voice of the theater, and then went not only to the all-Union, but also to the world level. The theater gave Dmitry the first great love.

“Ate” it in a few days”

The corps de ballet dancer Svetlana Ivanova was three years older than Hvorostovsky and, as they say, “a woman with a past.” She raised her daughter Masha. Different things were said about Svetlana. There were many rumors that she was not faithful. Dmitry did not listen to anyone.

Having married Ivanova, he adopted Maria, became the father of twins Alexandra and Daniel. He moved with his family to the UK. However, the relationship did not go well. Hvorostovsky did not even escape the craving for the bottle. “I drank often and in large quantities, so even today I see the final decade of the last century through a veil of wine intoxication,” he admitted, having already tied up with an addiction.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky

The couple divorced in the early 2000s. At the same time, Svetlana shook off a hefty alimony from Dmitry. Hvorostovsky continued to communicate with all the children, including his adopted daughter.

The singer’s first wife died in 2015 at the age of 56. “I got meningitis. Apparently, she did not take this seriously enough, and everything turned into blood poisoning – sepsis. Unfortunately, he “ate” her in a few days, ”shared Svetlana’s friend.

“It was she who saved me, my Flosha”

“He managed to stop, did not disappear. In early 2002, he finally stopped drinking. Actually, from the moment I met Florence, my life has changed for the better. It was she who saved me, Flosha, ”Hvorostovsky told the 7 Days publication with gratitude.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky with his wife Florence Illy

Florence Illy is a colleague of Dmitry, an Italian by nationality, and was born in Geneva. She was 8 years younger than the singer. The acquaintance took place on stage at a time when Hvorostovsky was still married. True, only one name remained from the marriage.

It was then that Hvorostovsky raised the issue of divorce harshly, did not want to listen to any objections from Svetlana. Florence became a real support for Dmitry in life, gave him two children – Maxim and Nina.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky with his wife Florence Illy and children

The official message that Hvorostovsky is fighting brain cancer appeared on the singer’s website in June 2015. The fight was lost on November 22, 2017. Dmitry is only 55 years old.

Florence, after her husband’s death, plunged into raising children, developing an art support fund named after her late husband. Thus ended a happy marriage that lasted 16 years.

“I have no more tears left after everything”

So Florence said at the opening of the monument to Dmitry in his homeland in Krasnoyarsk. Recently, the media have been writing that the widow, apparently, managed to start a new life after the tragedy.

Monument to Dmitry Hvorostovsky in Krasnoyarsk

The ubiquitous photographers captured Florence by the hand with the popular British TV presenter George Clark. He is also an architect, writer and lecturer. Florence turned 52 this year.

Hvorostovsky’s adopted daughter Maria is 40. In 2018, she got married and became a mother. Married and the eldest native daughter of the singer – Alexandra, who became a famous artist. She and her brother are 26, Daniel is a guitarist in a rock band.

The younger children of the late singer, like their mother, live in London. Nina is 15, she is engaged in singing and dancing. Maxim is 19 years old. He sings and writes great music.

Hvorostovsky’s parents, after the death of their son, noticeably passed. It was reported that the father began to rapidly lose his sight due to glaucoma. However, both he and Dmitry’s mother cannot complain about the inattention of numerous relatives.

Source: “7 days”

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