Tsekalo’s young wife showed off her huge buttocks

Tsekalo’s young wife showed off her huge buttocks
Tsekalo’s young wife showed off her huge buttocks

The Internet believes that the girl resorted to surgery

Beauty standards change over time. Now more and more celebrities are focusing on pumping up their gluteal muscles. At the same time, the stars do not hesitate to share vivid shots from piquant angles on social networks. Internet users are actively discussing a new photo of the young wife of TV presenter Alexander Tsekalo.

Model Darina Ervin, as many believe, won the heart of a celebrity with her luxurious feminine forms and bright appearance. The girl is active on social networks, where she regularly posts racy photos. Usually the charming woman focuses on her ample breasts, but now she decided to show off her impressively sized buttocks.

Darina took an advantageous pose and jutted out her voluminous curves. Now the celebrity not only has a luxurious bust, but also large gluteal muscles. However, on social networks it is believed that such seductive forms were given to the star by a plastic surgeon. As you know, recently celebrities are increasingly turning to beauty experts and are not afraid to go under the knife.

Be that as it may, the girl was bombarded with compliments. Male representatives admit that they are very jealous of Tsekalo, who can admire his beautiful young wife every day.

By the way, earlier on social networks there was active discussion of Zhadi’s candid shot from “Clone.”

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