Italian director Luca Giberti is staging La Traviata in Chelyabinsk

Italian director Luca Giberti is staging La Traviata in Chelyabinsk
Italian director Luca Giberti is staging La Traviata in Chelyabinsk

The Italian director Luca Giberti, whose performances are successfully shown on European stages and whose films win prizes at film festivals, is staging the famous La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi in Chelyabinsk.

As the press secretary of the Chelyabinsk Glinka Opera and Ballet Theater Anastasia Cherkas notes, this is not the first experience of working in Russia for the director. In 2013, Giberti filmed a documentary and traveled from Murmansk to Lake Baikal. The play is staged in the Russian theater for the first time.

“Because of the mentality, the work here is organized differently, but in general I feel at home. The heart, the basis of the performance remains unchanged in Russia, and in Italy, and in the USA”, Luke notes.

The Italian director uses an unusual approach in working with artists: he gives unusual exercises and is interested in the opinion of the performers.

“There are several reasons why I choose this way of working. I know how to deal with artists, I can fully control the process and give specific instructions, but in this way we will get a poor result. If I could search for performers myself, then the selection criterion would be the quality of the imagination, because in this way we can come to a completely unpredictable result. This is an organic process, woven from trial and error, sometimes from revolutions. In my experience, the most interesting results are obtained with this approach.” Giberti says.

The director of the new production strives to make the play “La Traviata” integral, attracting the viewer. Giberti cares about the psychology of the characters and the relationship between the Italian language and music.

“It will be a classic production, but our performance will not be a reconstruction of the century before last. All four actions will differ both in color and lighting design. We use all the expressiveness of colors in costumes and scenery”, Giberti intrigues.

The premiere of the opera “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi will be presented to Chelyabinsk citizens on September 24 and 25, tickets can also be purchased using the Pushkin card.

Detailed information about the play can be found in the interview with the director.

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