Larisa Sharaldaeva: “Two strings that touched the world” – Culture

Larisa Sharaldaeva: “Two strings that touched the world” – Culture
Larisa Sharaldaeva: “Two strings that touched the world” – Culture

On the eve of the solo concert of the People’s Artist of Buryatia Larisa Sharaldaeva “Khuurtai zayaan” – “Fate with morin khuur” was held. She went to this event for the last few years of her professional career, and the solo concert itself became a demonstration of many years of experience and skill as a musician.

According to the Ministry of Culture of Buryatia, the stage of the Russian Drama Theater was filled to capacity with musicians from the National Orchestra of Buryatia, artists from the Baikal Theater, as well as guest musicians. All services and workshops of Larisa’s native theater participated in the creation of this concert. Both well-known works from Larisa’s repertoire and completely new ones sounded from the stage. And Larisa herself, appearing in new images, either performed solo or in a duet with friends and colleagues, accompanying songs and dances.

Applause also sounded for the duet of Larisa with her student Salmeg Damshaeva, who, by the way, gave her first solo concert this month. Duets with cellist Nyamkhuu Natsagdorzh, morinhurist Zandan Shoydokov, and everburist Zhargal Omoktuev did not leave the audience indifferent. The concertmaster was Bayarma Ovchinnikova.

Specially for the concert, the musical director of the theater Galmandakh Battulga wrote many new works, among them “Balzhan sagaan nuur”, based on the story of the famous Buryat heroine Balzhan Khatan, and “Urgelzhelel” – a complex work in the ethno-modern style. All of them, no doubt, will remain not only in the repertoire of Larisa Sharaldaeva, but also in the treasury of the Buryat professional musical art.

The concert ended with two unique numbers, when a combined ensemble of more than 20 morinhurists performed together with the National Orchestra of Buryatia. The powerful sound of a large orchestra fascinated. The theater management, represented by Dandar Badluev and Zhargal Zhalsanov, said that this is how, and maybe even more, the National Orchestra should look like.

“Larisa Sharaldaeva is an invaluable and talented musician both for the Baikal Theater and for the entire republic,” said the chief conductor of the orchestra, Zhargal Toktonov. This is exactly what Larisa showed in every stroke of her bow, in every sound of two strings that can touch the world and awaken the Mongolian spirit in us. The Baikal Theater team congratulates Larisa on her next solo concert and wishes her to reach new creative heights!

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