If flowers do not please, but irritate

If flowers do not please, but irritate
If flowers do not please, but irritate

Kaliningrad is buried in flowers, the wind carries poplar pollen in the air, but this riot of spring nature does not please some fellow countrymen at all. These are the ones who have an allergic reaction. How to protect yourself from pollen and ubiquitous fluff, says Svetlana Kozeeva, deputy chief physician of the Kaliningrad clinic.
“Mosquito nets on the windows of the apartment and regular wet cleaning will help alleviate the situation,” says the specialist. – Coming home from the street, you should immediately rinse your nose with water and sea salt. Before going out, you need to use special antihistamines. There are many of these now. But each is “sharpened” for the removal of different symptoms. For example, one fights best with hives, the other with a sore throat, and the third with itchy skin. Therefore, when buying an antihistamine, you first need to consult a doctor or at least carefully read the annotation. And pay attention to this point: is it possible to drive a car while taking this medicine.
Separate security measures must be taken in the car – install the air circulator so that it does not draw anything from the outside. If you have a violent reaction, try to eat fewer foods during poplar dusting that can increase allergic manifestations: honey, seafood, chocolate, citrus fruits, blue cheeses, and do not drink herbal alcohol: tinctures, vermouth, liquors. And it is better to abstain altogether: any alcohol increases allergies.
As for vasoconstrictor drugs, in this case they are more symptomatic and do not solve the problem, but rather mask it. But if, against the background of irritation from fluff, it is completely impossible to breathe, they are also connected. However, you shouldn’t get carried away. If the situation is poorly corrected, and even vice versa, the patient’s condition worsens, it is necessary to connect corticosteroid drugs. But this decision is made solely by the doctor. He will determine whether you can do without such strong drugs or not.

How to distinguish from SARS

There are some signs that the torment is related to seasonal allergies, and not SARS.
1. No temperature. Watery discharge from the nose is possible both with allergies and with the common cold. But the temperature in allergic rhinitis usually does not happen.
2. Runny nose worse when going outside. For example, a person may notice that when he goes to the park (this is the main symptom), goes to work, to school, he has a runny nose. And when he returns home (to the room), then all the symptoms disappear or decrease. In the case of viral rhinitis, on the contrary, at home in the evening the state of health will worsen and it will be difficult for a person to sleep. In the future, when the concentration of pollen in the air becomes high, this symptom will not be so obvious.
3. Additional symptoms. If a person has an allergy, this does not mean that he constantly sneezes or sniffs. Specific symptoms may occur – eyes, eyelids swell, severe skin itching, lacrimation appear.
4. Every spring, at about the same time (depending on how quickly the real, and not the calendar spring came), a cough begins or snot flows. When for several seasons in a row a person notices that he is sick in the spring, he comes to the doctor with a question: in May I have a cough or snot all the time, it’s somehow strange, why? And then he is usually referred to an allergist.

Doctors recommend

• Eliminate from the diet those foods that can provoke or exacerbate allergies. It should be dominated by light food (fruits, vegetables), vitamins B and C.
• Stay home on dry, windy days and wear sunglasses and a mask when you go outside.
• Ventilate your house or apartment after rain and do wet cleaning several times a week. Do not open windows in dry windy weather. Dry washed clothes indoors only.
• You can buy a humidifier. It will maintain the humidity in the house at the required level – 40-60%. A humidifier can also remove more than 95% of allergens from the air. Humidity balanced air will not allow dust to rise into the air from objects. Therefore, when using a humidifier, there will be practically no particles in the air that can provoke a negative reaction of the body.
• Practice good personal hygiene: rinse your nose and eyes with water, take a shower and change clothes after being outside. Don’t forget to use nasal spray and eye drops. Do not use medicines or cosmetics if they contain extracts of plants that are allergenic to you.

Rinse your nose and eyes with water, take a shower after being outdoors



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