Okhlopkov spoke about the development of palliative care in Karelia


“We see how much progress has been made in palliative care in Russia over the past five years. And we in Karelia have synchronized with this process. When creating a palliative service, we started with nursing care beds: there were no palliative beds not only in the regions of the republic, but also in Petrozavodsk. What have we done? They were transformed into a single palliative center. But at the same time, we didn’t forget that we should also have palliative beds in the districts, including in inter-district centers,” said Mikhail Okhlopkov.

According to the minister, in the near future the authorities intend to pay attention to children’s palliative care.

“If we have a breakthrough in palliative care for adults, then not everything is good in children’s palliative care. Therefore, we will dedicate 2023 and 2024 specifically to children’s palliative care, making it modern and worthy,” he explained.

Okhlopkov spoke about the development of palliative care in Karelia. Photo: Mikhail Okhlopkov / VK

Mikhail Okhlopkov said that palliative care should support patients at the end of their lives.

“Palliative care is gaining more and more competencies from year to year. A multidisciplinary approach is important here, involving medical specialists of various specialties. Death is a metaphysical concept. Seriously ill patients should leave with dignity, without any pain, and at the same time always feel a helping hand. Our palliative care center provides this very well. There are also interesting cultural programs. Children, grandchildren, relatives come to their dying relatives,” he explained.

Okhlopkov also stated that an outpatient mobile service operates in the palliative center.

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