Sevastopol business can become a locomotive

Sevastopol business can become a locomotive
Sevastopol business can become a locomotive

Now almost every third working resident of Russia is involved in small and medium-sized businesses. Over 99% of commercial companies are owned by SMEs, nine out of ten food service establishments are created by SMEs, as well as three out of four companies in the field of technological innovation.

“Congratulations on your professional holiday! There are almost 50 thousand jobs behind your back. This is only a beautiful figure in the reports, but we live here and now and we understand what it means: 50,000 Sevastopol residents have jobs in the private sector, have the opportunity to support their families and develop. This is very important when there is a future.

Thank you for not only preserving, but also creating new jobs in difficult conditions. You have a lot of good, interesting, correct ideas that we will continue to support. The tools needed for this are available. Well established center “My Business”. I hope he will continue to help you in your work.”– said the Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

One of the enterprises that applied to the My Business center is the Sevastopol wicker furniture factory Ratteco. Production began with a small enterprise, which employed only 3 people. Now the staff has more than 20 people, three workshops are fully operational – this is the production of artificial rattan, a workshop for the production of frames, a painting workshop. Raw materials – exclusively Russian production.

State support helped the development of the enterprise in many ways. In 2022, the company received a grant in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. This helped to purchase equipment and open a new workshop. The factory registered a trademark in the My Business Center.

“We invite everyone to express their gratitude to entrepreneurs who make our daily life more comfortable. We are so used to them that we often do not even notice them, although we are constantly in contact.

A cup of coffee in a cafe – every day, a grocery store – three times a week, a haircut at the hairdresser – twice a month, a car service – as needed. And there is also a bakery near the house, a metal repair in a neighboring house, and so on – all these are small and medium-sized businesses, to which today we can say a well-deserved SME thank you, just by putting this hashtag in our social networks.— noted in his telegram channel the CEO of the SME Corporation Alexander Isaevich.

So that everyone can understand how big a place in his life is occupied by small and medium-sized businesses, on MSP.RF posted test “How many SMEs in your life?”. TAnd everyone can thank entrepreneurs for their work.

Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated in Russia annually on May 26. He was approved by the President Vladimir Putin in 2007. On this day, major events are held in support of business, professional forums are organized at which topical problems and issues of supporting domestic business are discussed.

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