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Business agreements. Ulyanovsk region and Kalmykia are establishing interregional ties

Business agreements. Ulyanovsk region and Kalmykia are establishing interregional ties
Business agreements. Ulyanovsk region and Kalmykia are establishing interregional ties

On September 15, the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia hosted the Elista 2023 economic forum. The focus of the discussions was the development of interaction between the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the fields of science, technology and culture. A delegation from the Ulyanovsk region took part in the discussions – the meeting was a continuation of business agreements reached during the work of the delegations in St. Petersburg.

The result of this trip was the signing of several agreements on interregional cooperation.

Batu Khasikov
We emphasize again and again: Kalmykia is open. In all senses. And be friends and cooperate. Despite the fact that we are going through difficult times, a time of challenges, we are all united by the idea and thought that this is a time of opportunity.

Neither the Ulyanovsk region nor the Republic of Kalmykia misses their opportunities: they search and find. This is confirmed by the work of our delegation at the Elista 2023 forum, which showed: unprecedented external pressure helped create fertile ground for strengthening and developing internal relationships.

The past forum set priorities and determined the vectors of movement. During the meeting, an agreement on interregional cooperation for the years 23–26 was signed. Tourism, industry, agriculture, education – all this is just a small list of mutual interests of the two subjects of the country.

Aviation industry and food industry. There is also mutual interest in establishing cooperation in a number of areas: transport logistics, mechanical engineering, small and medium-sized businesses, the development of domestic tourism and building interaction between educational organizations through higher education.

The extensive experience available in the Ulyanovsk region is also of interest to southern partners. Our region was one of the first to get involved in the development of interregional cooperation – the fruits of the work done were contracts worth more than 1 billion rubles.

Continuing along the course taken on November 4, the Ulyanovsk delegation intends to take part in the exhibition-forum “Russia”, which will be held in the capital. The exposition from the region will present achievements in the field of aircraft manufacturing.

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