The results of the “Be Brighter” project were summed up in Yaroslavl

The results of the “Be Brighter” project were summed up in Yaroslavl
The results of the “Be Brighter” project were summed up in Yaroslavl

As part of the national project “Education”, street artists transformed the walls of 12 schools over the summer. Drawing ideas were selected through online voting. These are stories from children’s books, thematic graffiti, portraits of graduates and more. My colleague Alexey Moshkov personally appreciated the new art object at school No. 11.

The “Be Brighter” project appeared after the successful graffiti festival “Yarstreetart”. On the initiative of young artists and with the support of the government of the Yaroslavl region, 12 schools were able to decorate their walls with real works of contemporary art. The sketches were chosen by schoolchildren and teachers. Among the ideas are famous fellow countrymen, athletes, architectural monuments, scientists and just children. Each school has its own individual image.

Alexey Moshkov, correspondent:

“The picture looks like newsreels from the history of the school: the 70s, 80s, 90s, noughties and modern times – a girl with a laptop raises her hand up, as if hinting at a frame of a new era.”

This example of graffiti can be seen on the walls of the 11th school. Young people like it. They are happy to take pictures against the background of the image with the director.

Egor Derid:

“This picture makes you look at it and everyday gray school days become brighter and more colorful.”

Al-Nura Usmonova:

“This is a big scale, this is a big picture, this is the work of professionals. This looks on a completely different level and naturally you need to invest in it. We need to develop the school, we need to make it more beautiful. We are very glad that this is happening with our school.”

To paint such a canvas, it took more than 100 cans of paint and 4 days of hard work by three professional artists. At school, several projects have already been prepared and are waiting in the wings for implementation.

Anatoly Baykov, leader of the creative association:

“Overall, everything went well. The school administration received us very warmly and we painted absolutely without any complaints. And the drawing came out quickly. The weather was good, all the factors came together. We really enjoyed working at this particular school.”

Nikolai Kontrov, director of school No. 11:

“If it’s an elementary school, maybe we’ll have some cartoon characters. Our school does a very good job of environmental work, and I think that one of our recreational activities will be on this topic, environmental. And then we’ll think about it, we’ll see, and I think we’ll transform the whole school and make it brighter.”

The “Be Brighter” project transforms school walls, but also sharpens the skills of the graffiti artists themselves.

Vera Dargel, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Yaroslavl Region:

“This competition is also a platform for artists, as they try themselves at a new level, and I hope that next year works will appear not only in the city of Yaroslavl, but also in other municipal districts and settlements.”

They will continue to decorate the walls of educational institutions next year, so there is room for creativity for young graffiti artists.

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