Ivanovo Music School celebrates its anniversary

Ivanovo Music School celebrates its anniversary
Ivanovo Music School celebrates its anniversary

Nikita Alilkin is a second-year student in the piano department of the Ivanovo Music College. And he is making progress. In the future, he sees himself only on stage – as a pianist who performs in front of a huge auditorium. And nowhere else.

“When I play, I get a lot of emotions. You always want to continue, you don’t want to stop playing,” – said Nikita Alilkin, a student at the Ivanovo Music School.

And from the walls, the young talent is closely watched by people who have already gone down in the history of the music school – the first teachers and graduates – all also in the forefront listening to music. Teacher Tatyana Sharova shows photographs and talks about the people depicted in them. And he emphasizes that they loved this place. So do their followers.

“I really love my job: music, music is constantly playing, my favorite. Communication with students. I work at both school and college. I have students from 6 to 20 years old. No matter what students are – good students or bad ones, in terms of abilities, some are better, some are worse. But communicating with them gives me great joy,” – Tatyana Sharova, a teacher at the Ivanovo Music School, shared.

Ivanovo Music College is one of the oldest in the country. Its history began at the end of the 19th century – with the “Circle of Music Lovers”. In 1910, a decision was made to establish a branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society in Ivanovo-Voznesensk, and in 1911, to open music classes. And in 1913 they were transformed into a school. In the first school year, 170 students were enrolled. There are approximately the same number of students here now – 110 years later.

4th year student Hrant Melikyan is already known throughout the country. A real talent, but also a diligent student. After all, in order to achieve serious results, you need to constantly train and listen to teachers.

“A person, in principle, being here, one way or another, finds himself in an atmosphere that makes you grow and move on,” – noted Grant Melikyan, a student at the Ivanovo Music School.

The school has 9 departments: piano, solo and choral folk singing, vocal art, pop music, music theory, departments of folk instruments, orchestral wind and percussion instruments, string instruments. And also choral conducting is a special direction of musical art.

“Not only is it just a choir as an instrument. And also parties. Soprano – high voices. Altos are low voices. We need to communicate with them. Each movement must have an address – to whom, how to sing. That is, it is also a kind of artistic profession,” – said Nadezhda Burtseva, head of the Choral Conducting department at the Ivanovo Music School.

Creative groups also work on the basis of the school. For example, the folk song ensemble “Kupel”. This year he turned 15 years old. The composition includes students from the department of solo and choral singing. The main goal is to “promote” Russian folk songs and support national traditions.

The school has been nurturing talent for 110 years. They support very young performers, including by providing a platform for performances. On the eve of a big festive concert in honor of the anniversary, children from music schools in the region gathered at the institution to congratulate them on the holiday and show what they had learned. Some of them plan to become students at a music school. And the educational institution really hopes that someday the children will have the opportunity to get a higher education here.

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