Hockey and theater helped Omsk become closer to the capital of “Total Dictation”

Hockey and theater helped Omsk become closer to the capital of “Total Dictation”
Hockey and theater helped Omsk become closer to the capital of “Total Dictation”

Our city has reached the finals of the competition, the winner of which will host the main platform for the educational campaign.

The day before, the organizing committee announced the finalists of the “Capital of Total Dictation” competition. Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk and Dushanbe passed to this stage. Ufa dropped out of the competition. The finalists were determined by voting among regional coordinators of the event from around the world, and Chelyabinsk became its leader. The semi-finalists defended their projects and presented video cards. The Omsk team showed several local attractions in their video: a drama theater, a hockey arena, and a puppet theater.

In 2024, the project will turn 20 years old, so the capital of the “Total Dictation” is chosen taking into account whether it will be able to hold the planned festive events at a high level. There will be no open voting this time; the winner will be chosen by representatives of the campaign headquarters and the author of this year’s text, Anna Matveeva. The results of the competition will be announced on February 1 as part of the traditional scientific and practical conference “Dynamic Processes in the Modern Russian Language” in the homeland of “Total Dictation” – Novosibirsk.

The winner of the “Capital of Total Dictation” competition receives the right to host the author of the dictation text on the main platform, organize an online marathon studio and popular science events accompanying the event. The competition itself has been held since 2018; Novosibirsk and Moscow do not participate in it. Last year, the Omsk team became a finalist in the competition, thanks to which the Russian language festival “Literate Weekend” was held in our city in October.

“Total dictation” in Omsk has been held since 2012 on the basis of Omsk State University. F. M. Dostoevsky. Interest in the event in our city is one of the highest in the country. In terms of the number of participants, Omsk has been among the top five since 2016. Our city began preparing for next year’s event in advance. The festival “Literate Weekend” featured several interesting lectures, including one from Anna Matveeva. Correspondents of “Omsk Here” went to some of them to tell their readers about new words appearing in the language in 2023and when in correspondence Emojis, stickers and voice messages are inappropriate. And if you want to prepare for a dictation, pay attention to a few non-trivial tips, how to improve your knowledge of the Russian language without cramming textbooks.

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