Rent or mortgage in Sevastopol – that is the question?


Who is talking about what, but “lousy about a bathhouse,” and we are talking about the Sevastopol problem of buying housing, since it is rapidly becoming more expensive, and we need good specialists in all areas of the economy and the social sphere. Plus, young families are being created who are faced with a choice: rent an apartment or still try to purchase a home with a mortgage?

That is, we always try to adapt macroeconomics to the real life of ordinary citizens who have needs to create conditions for life as a new new unit of society.

The only way to get closer to what you want is to purchase housing on preferential mortgage terms. Thus, the rate on preferential mortgages for new buildings remained at 8% per annum. This is significantly lower than the market rate, which reaches 15−16% per annum. Therefore, in the primary market, the gap between mortgage payments and rental rates is not so large, experts from Cyan.Analytics note.

For example, in Sevastopol, a 1-room apartment in a building under construction is being sold for 5.253 million rubles. with a total area of ​​33.6 sq. m, preferential mortgage available.

1-room apartment in a new building 33.6 sq. m. m

We calculated conditionally, taking as a basis the cost of the apartment – 5,200,000 million rubles – to obtain the amount of the monthly payment.


Calculation of monthly payment, RNKB bank (conditional)

On the terms of a preferential mortgage – 8%, the monthly payment amount will be 30,525 rubles. per month.

This is still somehow tolerable, but at the end of the contract, your apartment will cost 10,988,858 rubles. In principle, after thirty years you can get used to this as something inevitable, and, looking at yourself in the mirror, where instead of a young man a gray-haired grandfather will look at you, you can say: “Life is good. The mortgage has been paid off”.

If it is not possible to use a preferential rate, get in line for a mortgage on a general basis.

For example, an apartment in a new building for the same price is RUB 5,200,000. in Sberbank


Calculation of monthly payment, Sberbank (conditional)

So, the monthly payment will be 62,242 rubles. And at the end of thirty years, the overpayment will be 16,784,879 rubles. And don’t forget about the down payment!

In general, for now there is only one way out – to rent an apartment, since in Sevastopol the average price for a 1-room apartment for rent is 22,745 rubles. per month., and this is significantly less than paying a mortgage, even a preferential one.

Again, this is not advice or a proposal, but an objective reality that allows you not to give up, but to thoughtfully assess your capabilities – either engage in activities that will allow you to meet the conditions of a preferential mortgage, or wait for better times and live in rented housing.

About the good: experts from the Domklik portal analyzed the number of Sber mortgage transactions in October 2023 and found that every second mortgage in Russia is issued under preferential programs.

Analysts note that the demand for preferential loans remains at a high level due to the increase in the key rate of the Central Bank, as well as the influx of new buyers into the individual housing construction market. The most popular programs: “State support”, “Family”, “IT-mortgage”, “Far Eastern”.

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