Active longevity groups operate in the Samara region

Active longevity groups operate in the Samara region
Active longevity groups operate in the Samara region

In every city and district of the Samara region, active longevity groups have been opened in the Integrated Social Service Centers for the population. They offer various programs for people aged 60+, adapted taking into account age-related changes and physical capabilities. All classes are free.

This year, about 6,700 older residents regularly attend such groups in the region. Improving the quality of life and increasing the healthy life expectancy of older citizens, supporting active longevity are the key objectives of the national project “Demography”, initiated by the President of the country Vladimir Putin. The head of the region, Dmitry Azarov, has repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to create conditions so that older people feel in demand and are surrounded by attention and warmth.

One of the most popular trends is Nordic walking, which uniquely combines elements from several sports. Thus, Nordic walking improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart muscle and is a good prevention of hypertension.

The other day, a sports competition in Nordic walking “Fast Walkers” was held at the Integrated Center for Social Services for the Population of the Southern District in the Bolshechernigovsky District. Two teams, the Olympic Reserves and the World Team, competed for victory. During the competition, not only speed was taken into account, but also technique. Each participant aged 60+ was able to demonstrate their skills and get a charge of excellent mood and energy.

“I have been constantly practicing Nordic walking for six years, from the very moment the group opened in our center. I always attend classes with great pleasure and have noticed that this has a positive effect on my health: after classes I feel light, cheerful, and uplifted,” says Valentina Mitryakova.

“I systematically attend classes at the social service center, Nordic walking has become my favorite activity, I try not to miss a single workout, as they have a beneficial effect on my well-being: vitality appears, muscles become stronger, and what is also important for us, the elderly, is communication. And also a positive attitude, which helps brighten up our everyday life,” another competition participant, Lyudmila Kolesnikova, shares her impressions.

Let us remind you that the experience of the Samara region in organizing, including active longevity groups, will be presented at the international exhibition and forum “Russia”, which, we recall, was opened at VDNKh in Moscow. The achievements and best practices of social policy in the Samara region will be discussed at the “Active Longevity” exposition.

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