A resident of Kotovsk received funds for the development of an inclusive theater school

A resident of Kotovsk received funds for the development of an inclusive theater school
A resident of Kotovsk received funds for the development of an inclusive theater school

– “Come on, we’ll soon take part in the competition.

– “Who lives in a little house, who lives in a low one?”

– “Well done! “Wow,” – like that on them!”

– “Wow!”

– “Yes, the tower is good…”

In the Kotovsky Palace of Culture it is a time of creativity and transformation. This is another rehearsal of the inclusive theater studio “Golden Key”. Olga Alekseeva began selecting the keys to the talent of each child, regardless of his state of health, three years ago. She is a teacher and director, but what helped the development of the business in the first place is the mother of four children, one of whom is special.

Olga Alekseeva, head of the inclusive theater school “Golden Key”: “I somehow managed to find contact with him in a playful way. The diagnosis of autism can be much more difficult than we can predict. Children don’t speak, they can’t understand who is nearby, but with such creative abilities I was able to teach him ordinary life. He spoke, and I was so happy. And I lived with this inspiration all my life.”

The successes of her own child pushed Olga to begin developing creative abilities in other young artists. The developed methods help children improve not only their stage skills, but also their basic ones – motor skills and speech.

– “Kolobok-Kolobok, I’ll eat you!” Don’t eat me, I’ll sing you a song. Go!”.

Today, fifty Kotov boys are studying at the Golden Key. Slightly less than half of them require a little more attention to themselves and receive it not only from the leader, but also from classmates – as it should be in an inclusive school.

Kristina Sheludyakova, Evelina Turovskaya and Anna Nikishina, students of the Golden Key inclusive theater school:

“We will always be together, we will not leave anyone.”

“Everyone communicates with each other, there is no such thing as a certain group communicating, but the rest do not. We communicate all the time. We all help each other”

– “In our team there are no, there have not been and there will not be outcasts at all.”

The friendly team has many achievements behind it. Not so long ago, the guys took the Grand Prix at the international competition “Talented Russia”. Another impetus for development was given by the conclusion of a social contract.

Olga Alekseeva, head of the inclusive theater school “Golden Key”: “Thanks to the program that we won and received 350 thousand… We are very happy. We described from the heart everything that was happening to us. We work with special children, special children cooperate, which is important with ordinary children.”

Using funds allocated under the social contract, the school purchased props for the puppet theater, as well as new costumes. By the way, thanks to the social contract, you can not only open or develop your own business or personal subsidiary plot, but also, for example, get a new profession. It is enough to submit an application through the government services portal or submit an application and documents to the social protection authority at your place of residence or to the Social MFC.

Yulia Savushkina, special correspondent: “Well, the main changes that the studio received, thanks to the social contract, are only expected. For example, in the near future there will be a real curtain here that will divide the room into two zones. In front of me there will be a stage with a large screen, and behind me there will be an auditorium. The delivery of musical equipment, a computer and a projector is expected.”

Modern technology will help the team prepare a new performance for the audience – it will be a production based on Aksakov’s fairy tale “The Scarlet Flower”. The premiere will be presented in a couple of months.

– “All!”.

– “Well done, applaud yourself. Artists, right?

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