Russia and China exchange experience in developing knowledge-intensive sectors of the economy


Leading universities and research and production companies in Russia took part in the 25th China International High Technology Exhibition China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF). The largest technology exhibition in East Asia, CHTF, was held from November 15 to 19 in Shenzhen and became the largest in history – the exhibition exposition this year occupied 500 thousand square meters.

The exhibition was attended by companies and delegations from 105 countries, as well as professional associations of EU member states, countries of Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. 23 Chinese universities organized their pavilion. Over the five days of operation, the exhibition was visited by more than 5 million people. An official start was given to 189 newest production projects. The exhibition was opened by the First Secretary of the CPC of Guangdong Province, Huang Kunming.

Exposition of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

The Russian exposition brought together 10 Russian universities, scientific organizations and research and production companies at its stand, which presented more than 40 knowledge-intensive innovative projects ready for implementation.

The delegation of the Harbin Department of Science and Technology, Scientific and Technological Companies of Heilongjiang Province, representatives of Chinese universities and scientific institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences got acquainted with the exhibits of the Russian exposition. Negotiations were held on possible joint scientific and technological cooperation.

Innovative developments and projects at the Russian stand were presented by Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev, National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Southern Federal University, Institute of Design and Technological Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Research and Production Center “GEOTECH”, Research and Production Center “Technology” special metallurgy” (MIP MISIS), Innovation company “Hart.Zon”, etc.

The Scientific and Technological Center “Technologies of Special Metallurgy” – a small innovative enterprise of NUST MISIS – presented at the exhibition an alloy for the production of artificial diamonds using the high-pressure, high-temperature method.

The International Research Institute for Smart Materials of the Southern Federal University presented a self-controlled laboratory for creating new materials using artificial intelligence and microfluidics technologies. The project team proposes and ensures accelerated development of new materials with specified properties.

Another project of the Southern Federal University is the technology for producing new generation nanocomposites based on carbon and hybrid materials. SFU scientists have proposed a unified concept for creating intelligent systems for targeted delivery of agrochemicals needed by agricultural crops based on biochar and nanoparticles of metal-organic framework polymers containing phytohormone molecules and natural plant growth stimulants in their pores.

Hart.Zon LLC presented ECG technology for Bluetooth LE audio headphones. It works as follows: when the user touches the earphone, the HZ ECG module recognizes the electrical signals between the electrode in the ear and the finger, and the ECG is transmitted to the smartphone via Bluetooth LE. The HZ ECG micro module can be integrated into most headphone designs. Negotiations on the implementation of this technology are taking place with representatives of HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO and other specialized manufacturers.

RTU MIREA showed the technology “3D printing of flexible electronics”. And the GEOTECH Research and Production Center and its Chinese partners demonstrated a line of ground penetrating radars for searching for defects in concrete structures and for searching underground communications.

In Russia, representatives of the Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogarev are currently organizing the production of radio-absorbing materials. Preliminary tests of technological processes have already been carried out. At the exhibition, the authors of the development are ready to negotiate the supply of new technological material to the Chinese market through trading houses.

At the stand of the National Research University MGSU one could see the latest developments of special concretes, for example, a material for enclosing structures that is impermeable to water, but at the same time has high vapor permeability, etc.

High Technology Forum

Russian universities and research centers presented their projects at the conference “Technologies for New Industries” as part of the High Technology Forum. The events were held in such areas as medicine, biotechnology, new materials, new energy, smart cities, etc. During the event, participants got acquainted with the latest technologies and developments at the stands of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities and innovative manufacturing companies.

Forum and exhibition of the BRICS countries on technologies of the new industrial revolution BRICS PartNIR Forum in Xiamen

The Russian delegation took part in the BRICS Forum and Exhibition on Technologies of the New Industrial Revolution BRICS PartNIR Forum in Xiamen (Fujian Province). At the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexey Gruzdev made a video message.

The Russian Embassy in the People’s Republic of China, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, presented an exhibition with visual information and video presentations of 30 leading universities in our country, the joint MSU-PPI University in Shenzhen, the Skolkovo Foundation, the Alliance in the field of artificial intelligence, and innovative regions of Russia.

Representatives of the diplomatic mission took part in the opening ceremony of the BRICS Science and Incubation Park in China. In the said technology park in the Lomonosov Hall of the Russian-Chinese Research Center for the Digital Economy of Moscow State University and Xiamen University, a Russian-Chinese round table was held on scientific and technical projects in the field of green energy with the participation of experts from the Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

As part of the Forum, a panel discussion on artificial intelligence technologies was held. The report of experts from the Russian Alliance in the field of AI aroused great interest among the target audience.

The Russian delegation also attended the award ceremony for the winners of the Industrial Innovation Competition of the BRICS member states. First place in the “Low Carbon Technologies” track was taken by the Russian group of companies “Biomicrogels” (development and production of biopolymers based on plant raw materials). Along with the BRICS member states, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other friendly countries joining the partnership took part in the events this year.

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