Ukrainian arms dealer caught in Samara

Ukrainian arms dealer caught in Samara
Ukrainian arms dealer caught in Samara

A Ukrainian citizen who committed a crime was caught in Samara. This is 49-year-old Alexander Alekseev. He was on the federal wanted list.

The Ukrainian was previously convicted of weapons smuggling and sentenced to five years in prison. He was supposed to serve them in a correctional colony in the Tambov region. But later the deprivation of liberty was replaced by forced labor and detention in a correctional center in the same region. However, he did not stay there either.

“In July 2023, the convict escaped from the location of ITs-1 and was put on the federal wanted list,” said Tatyana Kozikova, official representative of the Russian FSB Directorate for the Samara Region.

The Ukrainian was detained in Samara, in the Kuybyshevsky district. Employees of the FSB Directorate for the Samara Region, as well as the Utes riot police, arrived to capture him. After the fugitive was caught, a trial was held, which decided to transfer Alexander Alekseev back to the Tambov region to further serve his sentence.

Video: Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for the Samara region

Earlier, employees of the regional FSB detained a Togliatti resident who, together with his son, was damaging posters depicting Russian military personnel who had proven themselves to be heroes during a special military operation. The man, by the way, was found guilty not only of discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.

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