“Any help is priceless”: near Novosibirsk they prepare dry soups for the Northern Military District soldiers


Students from the Cherepanovsky district provided great support to the local volunteer teams “Siberia is with you” and “Sukhbat”. With special diligence and love, the guys prepared vegetables for dry soups, which the participants of the special operation will soon receive. But this is not all the help they provide to our soldiers.

Third-year students helped volunteers prepare dry soups. Future cooks of group No. 34, specializing in “Cooking and Confectionery” at the Cherepanovsky Polytechnic College, processed five nets of vegetables. Under the guidance of special disciplines teacher Oksana Aplesneva, they grated carrots and beets, shredded cabbage and cut zucchini and pumpkins. These preparations will be dried, and then they will become the basis of dry soup, which the guys in the next humanitarian batch will send to the soldiers in the special operation zone.

Volunteers of the “Sukhbat” and “Siberia with you” teams turned to the leadership of the Cherepanovsky Polytechnic College for help in cutting a huge batch of vegetables. Previously, students of the educational institution helped activists: they manufactured and sent five metal stoves to the special operation zone, and also supported the fighters with all possible humanitarian aid. This time the activists were not turned away either.

“Any help is priceless. We are doing a common cause together. Students prepare and understand what it is for and who they are supporting. On the line, we awarded these guys with certificates and thanks for their active life position. Our student girls knitted and handed over warm socks and mittens to the fighters. In addition, the college organized the “Letter to a Soldier” event, where students wrote letters with words of support and wishes to our military personnel,” said Gorsyt Deputy Director for Educational Work Anna Shtoppel.

360 people study at the Cherepanovsky Polytechnic College, almost all of them take part in humanitarian aid collections, which have traditionally been held since last spring. Parents of students also join student actions.

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