An educational event “Achievements of Russia” is taking place in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

An educational event “Achievements of Russia” is taking place in the Krasnoyarsk Territory
An educational event “Achievements of Russia” is taking place in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

As part of the Russia Exhibition, VDNKh hosts Days of Regions: lectures, master classes and presentations on the achievements of each subject of the country in industry, science, culture, education, sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

In parallel with the Region Day at VDNKh, week-long marathons of lectures by the Knowledge Society are being launched directly in the region itself as part of the “Achievements of Russia” campaign. The lecturers are representatives of state and public organizations, cultural and sports figures, and university teaching staff. A separate block of speeches is devoted to the goals of the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia”.

Konstantin Karpukhin, a famous Krasnoyarsk historian, journalist, director of the Krasnoyarsk Railway History Museum, acted as a lecturer at the “Achievements of Russia” event and told young listeners about the rich cultural traditions of the region, the cultural and industrial heritage of the Krasnoyarsk Territory over its 90-year history.

It is a great honor for me to speak to students on November 18, the day of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, at the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” at VDNKh in the capital of our Motherland. Our region is informally becoming the center of development of the entire Trans-Ural region. The lecture is dedicated to the iconic places of Krasnoyarsk, events, and temporary milestones of its formation. We and our youth should be proud of the source of power of all Russia,

– emphasized the lecturer of the Russian Society “Knowledge” Konstantin Karpukhin.

Answering the children’s questions, the lecturer paid special attention to the history of the development of the Krasnoyarsk region, its complex, sometimes dramatic fate, and the courage that our fellow countrymen showed for the achievements that the order-bearing region is now proud of. After the event, the Chairman of the Committee on Education and Culture of the Youth Parliament of the Krasnoyarsk Territory at the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk, an employee of the Siberian Federal University, shared his impressions Andrey Dontsov:

The lecture made a strong impression on me; the lecturer spoke about the cultural traditions of an incredibly large region that stretches for thousands of kilometers, and about important industrial facilities that are strategically significant for the entire country. This lecture became a starting point for me to start studying the amazing and powerful Krasnoyarsk region.

Director of the branch of the Russian Society “Knowledge” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irina Bagdasaryan told that the Siberian Federal University, as the largest university in the region, became the starting point of the All-Russian educational campaign “Achievements of Russia” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. As part of the event, lectures by public figures, scientists, representatives of the sphere of culture and art will be held for residents of the region. The lecturers’ speeches will talk not only about the fact that the Krasnoyarsk Territory is one of the leaders of the Russian economy, but also a region of high culture, which has its own history dating back to ancient times.

The Knowledge Society is the general partner of the educational program of the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia”, which will be held from November 4, 2023 to April 12, 2024 on the territory of VDNKh with the participation of all subjects of the country.

In total, within the framework of the event, more than 1,500 lectures are planned on the traditions, culture, economy, scientific potential of 89 subjects, as well as the contribution of each of them to the development of Russia.

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