In the Kirov region they plan to implement the federal norm for the seizure of OKN

In the Kirov region they plan to implement the federal norm for the seizure of OKN
In the Kirov region they plan to implement the federal norm for the seizure of OKN

At the federal level, there is a practice of confiscating cultural heritage objects from unscrupulous owners and selling them at public auction. The practice has never been used in the Kirov region, although it does not even burden the budget. The Minister of Property Relations Tatyana Polomskikh spoke about this at a meeting of the government of the Kirov region.

The issue of transferring OKN to private owners subject to the restoration of objects was worked out with the federal service for supervision of compliance with legislation in the field of cultural heritage protection. We also studied the practices of neighboring regions.

— A norm in force at the federal level has been identified, which is not applied at all in the Kirov region. We are talking about unscrupulous owners who actually took possession of premises in the OKN for residence or other purposes. There is a mechanism for withdrawing OKNs and selling them at public auction. Funds from the budget are not spent. There are preparatory costs for justification and seizure; the decision on seizure is made exclusively by the court. The funds received for such property are transferred to the owner who started the situation, minus costs, – explained Tatyana Polomskikh.

The corresponding regional resolution is currently under consideration. It will apply to both local and federal cultural heritage sites.

In addition, the Ministry of Property plans to revise the resolution on cultural heritage sites that are in unsatisfactory condition, which can be sold on the principle of “rent for a ruble.” According to the law, security for such a participant is necessary – in the Kirov region 35% of the cost of all restoration repairs is pledged.

— We propose, following the example of the city of Kirov, to make changes in the amount of the annual rent. Every year there will be a certain security amount in the special account, and the work will continue in accordance with the schedule specified in the lease agreement. If we extend the period to the maximum – 49 years, then we will be able to attract interested parties for such objects who are ready to invest.

According to the Polomskikhs, businesses in the Kirov region are more willing to invest in their property, which is why a number of objects were asked to be included in the privatization program through a competition.

— I would like to clarify right away that federal legislation says: the winner, who has formally become the owner, does not comply with the conditions of the competition, is deprived of ownership, and the object becomes public property. All the mechanisms have been worked out, all that remains is to implement them, – the minister emphasized.

She also added that the building of the former maternity hospital was sold with an increase in fees – up to 5 million rubles. An out-of-town company came in, which has extensive experience in restoring cultural heritage sites.

— They are looking for objects and are interested in further participation in the territory of the city of Kirov, – Polomskikh added.

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