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The machines were used by the organization to examine citizens at home. As Lyubov Nikolaevna Kravtsova, the chief expert of medical and social expertise in the Arkhangelsk region, noted, the transfer of cars does not come at the expense of their work.

In the photo: Chief expert of medical and social examination for the Arkhangelsk region Lyubov Nikolaevna Kravtsova hands over the keys to the Popular Front.

Let us remind you that Popular Front activists receive transport from government agencies by order of the Russian Government as part of the “Everything for Victory” project. All vehicles are checked, and if their technical condition corresponds to combat missions, they are prepared to be sent to the front line.

This is painstaking work, today we have already looked at 11 cars, we are receiving two today, three more in the near future, but we are not taking six cars due to poor condition,” said the head of the regional executive committee of the Popular Front, Yuri Shalaurov.

In the photo: Head of the regional executive committee of the Popular Front Yuri Shalaurov

We regularly visit the front line; this will be our sixth trip. We carry not only humanitarian aid. Now we decided to bring the cars.

I will be driving personally, together with my friend Alexander Golubin. We plan to transfer the vehicles to a combat unit located in the DPR, said Yuri Shalaurov

The transport will not go empty. Along with the cars that will be sent to Donetsk by Popular Front activists, the fighters will be brought a potbelly stove, a gas generator, dressings, hygiene products, warm clothes and food.

Yuri Shalaurov, who visited military hospitals in Donetsk, is sure that everything they carry is in demand. He called on all citizens of the Arkhangelsk region to take part in collecting humanitarian aid for our children.

Now work is in full swing at the headquarters of the Popular Front; everything that residents donate is being actively packaged.

Of all the help, the stove weighing more than 60 kg, manufactured in 1954 at the Kaganovich plant, stands out. A resident of Arkhangelsk, Vladimir Yakovlev (reserve major), who more than once provided assistance to the Popular Front, decided to hand over the potbelly stove. A potbelly stove can heat up to 200 square meters. m.

“I think the field hospital will be heated without problems. Warmth for the wounded is synonymous with survival; it also gets cold there. The wounded need it more,” Vladimir said, handing over the stove.

“My brother once served in Afghanistan, so the guys need help. And I think that what needs to be conveyed is what is needed there, and not what is not needed here,” Vladimir added.

After sorting the incoming aid and completing the necessary documents for two Niva and UAZ Patriot cars, they will be sent to the front line.

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